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Sweet Birthday Parties at Crave Cupcakes in Calgary


No birthday party in Calgary seems complete without those decadent Crave cupcakes making an appearance. Since Crave is in the business of making people feel special, it stands to reason they’d host birthday parties, too.

A pretty party room is a great feature at their Aspen Landing location. Birthday parties last an hour and a half and are ideal for 8–12 kids max. Two energetic hosts lead each party, allowing parents to enjoy the festivities (or sit back).

The fun kicks off with loot bags and age-specific party games. There’s a photo booth with dress up accessories and if you book your party after the day’s baking is done, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour.

Hosts instruct mini bakers on the finer points of icing piping and each guest receives two cupcakes to decorate. And what’s a party without cake? The B-day boy or girl gets to choose the flavours of their layered birthday cake to take home or enjoy at the party.

Good to Know: Before the kids get hopped up on sugar, they’re treated to healthy snacks like fruit or veggies.

What more is there for a parent to do but sit back and eat cake?

We’ve got more party tricks up our sleeves…15 to be exact. Keep moving to our 16 Birthday Party Ideas in Calgary.



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