Park It! Favourite Parks in Ottawa

SavvyMom April 23, 2019

Children of all ages are drawn to parks. Whether it’s the joy of swinging as high as their legs can pump or sliding down a slide super fast, playgrounds and play structures are kid-magnets. Ottawa has parks in every neighbourhood, but here are a few that are worth the trip even if they aren’t in your own backyard.

Andrew Haydon Park is a huge green space right next to the Ottawa River. Multiple play structures for children of all ages, swings, a water feature and plenty of room to run around make for extreme fun. You’ll find charcoal fire pits for family barbeques, so make a day out of it and enjoy this beautiful area.

Brewer Park, across from Carleton University, has everything you could ask for. Big trees shade multiple play structures—your little ones will be drawn to the fire truck while big kids will race up the structures and zoom down the slides. Plus, there’s a waterpark area with a big slide for those really hot days.

For those of you in the East end, Millenium Park is the place to be. This park boasts two impressive structures—one is a pirate ship that lets imaginations run wild, the other takes the shape of a miniature set of parliament buildings complete with two-story slide.

If you are in the West end, check out the Richcraft Complex. This brand new facility has a park with all the classics like play structures and swings, plus a splash pad and a skate park. It’s located right next to an indoor facility with a pool and exercise classes, plus 15 km of multi-use trails.

Now that the weather is nice, it’s time to head out and explore Ottawa’s amazing parks.



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