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U-Pick Apple Orchards in Ottawa

SavvyMom November 29, 2016

Family fun doesn’t get much better than apple picking—it’s one of our most anticipated annual traditions. The crisp air, crunchy apples, and the special fall photo-opp make for a perfect weekend outing. Don’t miss your chance at the tasty goodness that is picking fruit right from the tree—check out one of our favourite apple orchards in Ottawa.

Mountain Orchards 
One of our all-time fave spots for apple picking is Mountain Orchards in Mountain, Ontario. With so many free activities like a corn maze for kids (and a bigger one for adults, too!), wagon rides, a nature trail, a playground, and a hay jump, this orchard has it all. Snack on apple donuts prepared fresh in the bakery on site while you explore the grounds and find the freshest, juiciest apples for picking.

Log Cabin Orchards 
If you are looking for a full day of fun, check out Log Cabin Orchards in Osgoode, just south of the city. A scenic drive will take you to the quaint orchard that boasts free parking, no admission and wagon rides. They have six varieties of apples to choose from as well as delicious jams, jellies, apple cider and baked goods for purchase.

Apple picking season usually runs from mid-August until October and different varieties are available at different times. If you are keen on a certain type, say the perfect-for-pie Cortland or the crunchy and tart Liberty, you should call ahead to confirm. Be sure to bring good shoes and your camera and get ready for some fun!

We have two more sensational apple orchards on our list. See all the Ottawa Apple Orchards We Love here.



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