Prosecco Popsicle Cocktails

Jan Scott September 1, 2017
Prosecco Popsicle

If you want to look like a total hostessing rock star this summer, here’s the drink you need to serve to your friends. It is so, so simple to make, impresses everyone you serve it to, and can be made for both kids and adults alike (even at the same time). This drink is also refreshing, light, and fizzy, hitting the hallmarks of the perfect summer cooler.

Here’s what you need to make it:

  • Popsicles in any fruity flavour
  • Prosecco (or ginger ale or sparkling water)
  • Sliced fruit
  • Fresh mint
  • Coloured straws
  • Clear glasses (they can be plastic and mason jars would work well, too)
  • A few minutes to look like the most genius host ever

If serving this to a group, I like to put the glasses on a tray and fill them with the popsicles, fresh fruit and mint. Then I carry it to where everyone is sitting and pour the prosecco into the glasses in front of my audience, who always seem to delight in watching the bubbles rise to the top of the glass. Stick a straw in each glass and pass them around and watch your friends marvel at your brilliance. The popsicle will begin to melt and infuse the prosecco with a fruity flavour. Delicious.

You can serve the same thing to the kids; simply pour ginger ale or sparkling water into the glasses instead of the prosecco. These would be perfect for any summer birthday party and offer a sweet and seasonal twist on soda or lemonade, with no extra work on your part. Enjoy!

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