Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All Your Loves

Janice Quirt February 14, 2020
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for something small for the kids, or something a little bigger for the grown-up loves in your life, this list of gift ideas will delight them long after the last rose petal has dropped. We figured you know how to source chocolate for any occasion – that’s a pretty sweet research gig – so, with that in mind, we went light on the sweet stuff, focusing instead on non-sugary items (for the most part).

Love from the Crayons

If “The Day the Crayons Quit” is one of the family’s favourite books, this love letter from the crayons is the perfect pick, celebrating love in all its different forms and shades.

$14, Available at Indigo.ca

Suyon Nail Polish

Peel-off, non-toxic nail polish in a beautiful rosy hue and a cute animal bottle topper? Yes, please!! Little ones will love everything about this pink package.

$13, Available at Well.ca

Kids Cooper Glow Toque

Boys and their toques – this is one fashion trend that we are actually thankful for. The red cabin colour of this hat is bold and oh so very Canadian, plus it’s a present that’s not too sentimental for our dude. Also available in big dude sizes!

$22, Available at roots.com

Mejuri Beaded Ring

Can we get a “heck, yes!” from all of the hard-working moms who would love this minimalist, delicate beaded ring? Dreamy.

$95, Available at mejuri.com

Hershey’s Heart-Shaped Chocolate

Ok, so we’re fine with a bit of chocolate on this holiday, and sometimes, pure, unadulterated milk chocolate is the way to go. Plus the box isn’t brimming over with pink, so it’s a good pick for all.

$15.75, Available at amazon.ca

Opagee Apollo Stone Aromatherapy Diffuser

We love the subtle colour of this diffuser – a perfect neutral for any room in the house, and especially a little girl’s room or bathroom decorated in soft tones.

$80, Available at Well.ca

Yeti Wine Tumbler

Trust us, he won’t let this Yeti wine tumbler out of his sight. He’ll marvel at the engineering and design and enjoy a sip or two from “his” cup.

$35, Available at sportchek.ca

Grimm’s Natural Wood Toy

Here’s an heirloom toy perfect to mark baby’s first Valentine’s Day. The organic, smooth lines of this wooden heart-shaped teether are gorgeous.

$20, Available at Well.ca

Blue Tooth Rose Gold Headphones

They look good, sound good and are a welcome gift for any music lover. Block the noise and simply enjoy the tunes. We think our little Taylor Swift wannabe will be a fan.

$37, Available at amazon.ca

Curious George’s Valentine’s Day Activity Book

Oh, Curious George – we do love you so! This book is perfect for this time of year – blissfully low-tech and wonderful for cozy times spent indoors.

$14, Available at Indigo.ca

Yumearth Organic Gummy Fruit Valentine’s Snack Packs

If they’re more into gummies, you can’t go wrong with these organic ones. Fresh, organic and with flavours that are bang-on, they come with write-on wrappers so we can scribe a loving message for everyone in the family.

$10 for 10-pack, Available at Well.ca




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