The Savvy Guide to July

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

The Savvy Guide to July 2014

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School’s finally out and summer is now officially in. Get your red and white on, stay cool and have fun outside with help from our guide to July.     

Prioritise some required screen-free downtime every week with your family this summer. Read a book, play a board game, try an old school activity and then lie down in the grass and look at the stars when you’re all done.
Why? Because the kids—and you—need a break from technology and the hustle of the school year. 

Celebrate being as awesomely Canadian as you are
Why? Because we know where all the good parties are in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa.

A good popsicle maker
Why? We’ve got lots of awesome recipes in our upcoming summer gallery, but for a quick taste, try this one.

Outdoor Jenga
Why? Because this fun twist on the classic game will get everyone involved at your next family BBQ.

Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun, by Amanda Kingloff  
Why?  Because we love the title of the book but we like the 100 inspiring crafts and activities inside even more. And we can take it anywhere we go—in case Pinterest isn’t available.

Why? Because this newly launched foodie site is full of fresh, simple and seasonal recipes and ideas—and quick and easy how-to videos that are perfect for busy moms. Foodies will love the kitchen gadget reviews and celebrity chef interviews. We love the kids meals.

Why? So they don’t forget everything they learned this year once summer ends. Keep the learning going—it’s a perfect review tool for kids with summer reading lists.

Conserve water, avoid pesticides and keep your lawn healthy by properly cutting your grass
Why? Grass that’s cut too short uses more water and is prone to weeds and pests. Keep your grass at a healthy height of 3 inches in the summer.

A homemade bird feeder and spend time watching birds with the kids
Why? Because the kids will love seeing their work of art hanging in the backyard—and they’ll be thrilled when the neighbourhood birds actually drop by. Make a game of it by looking up the birds that visit and keeping track of all the different kinds of flying visitors your bird feeder receives.

Bone up on your knowledge of water safety this summer so you can help spread the word
Why? Because it’s not just your kid’s life you could save. Drowning is the second leading cause of preventable death in children under 10 years old. Spread the word.

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