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Our Top Picks for Teacher Gifts 2018

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Well, it’s June – aka the sprint to the finish line of the school year. It’s a jam-packed month, and speaking from experience, it’s best to address the teacher gift task before the evening before the last day of school. If you’re looking for something to get in place of the same gift cards you got for the holidays, or want to give something in addition to the well-loved gift card, here are some items those wonderful teachers can use to reflect, decorate, communicate, and enjoy during their well-earned summer!

My Cinema Lightbox Mini

This is a super cool lightbox so teachers can display an inspirational new message every day at home or in the classroom. Add an extra set of colourful letters and symbols for even more variety and fun.

$26, well.ca

Teacher Voice Tote

We’re pretty sure they’ll get a chuckle out of this “Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice” tote (especially as we’re all too familiar with our own kids’ abilities to push buttons). The lined paper design adds to the scholastic charm.

$16, chapters.indigo.ca

The Thank You Book (an Elephant and Piggie Book)

Every classroom library benefits from author Mo Willems, whose books manage to be funny and heartfelt modern-day classics. The Thank-You book will express all the gratitude the tykes feel in their oh-so big hearts and is sure to result in a tear or two.

$10, amazon.ca

Me to We Mtu Bracelet

If your teacher has the heart of a social activist, they’ll be proud of this gift choice that supports artisans in Ecuador. This bracelet is from the men’s collection; there are a variety of similar options from the women’s line.

$20, shop.metowe.com

Big Mouth Gigantic Beach Blanket

So they have a slightly zany side? Love snack foods from the 80s? Adore “Stranger Things”? Pretty much anyone matching those descriptors will love this PopTart towel. Because the summer beckons, and extra beach towels are always welcome for fun in the sun.

$33, amazon.ca

May the Forest Be With You T-Shirt

If Mr. Teacher loves Star Wars, nature, or both, he’ll be seriously tickled by this soft T-shirt. Plus, it supports a Canadian company with a strong commitment to the environment.

$35, myinnerfire.com

Umbra Gala Frame

This good-looking walnut frame has a variety of holders for a range of photos, notes, and cards. It’s the perfect desktop accessory to display inspirational messages, images and even reminder lists! Pre-populate it with a drawing or photo special to the kids.

$25, umbra.com

Mabels Labels Mini Stickers

Teachers tend to be oh-so appreciative of a set of Mabel’s Labels mini labels featuring their name. Finally, they’ll be able to label their important classroom supplies to help with organization come back to school time (too soon, we know).

$19, mabelslabels.com

Simple Tea Set

We’re not sure what we love more – the slogan on the mug: “I’m a teacher – what’s your superpower?” or the design of the tea set with wood tray, sleek ceramic spoon, and a teapot-shaped tea ball. Regardless, the end result is gorgeous and the perfect accompaniment to piles of marking.

$25, chapters.indigo.ca

Botanicals Notebook Collection

We adore prints and paper from Rifle Paper Co, so we’re sure they’ll be pleased by this trio of botanical notebooks – perfect for making lists, capturing thoughts, or working on their own pet projects over the summer.

$16, amazon.ca

A Love Note

Okay, so maybe you don’t need to send them a sonnet (like this one by our Editor-in-Chief), but a thoughtful note thanking your teachers for the year will always be appreciated. If it’s not necessarily your strong suit, here’s a helpful little guide to get you started.

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