Toronto: The Savvy Guide to June

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Toronto: the Savvy Guide to June

It’s June. We’ve got gifts for teacher, gifts for Dad and all kinds of graduation ceremonies on our list. Here’s some help with navigating this busy month for moms.

Make a plan, a craft and get a gift lined up for Dad
Why? Because Father’s Day will be here before you know it. Be sure to check out EatSavvy on June 10 for some Father’s Day meal ideas. 

To the Burlington Kite Festival this Sunday in Brant Hills Park
Why? Because there will be flying demonstrations, entertainment, and kites of every shape and size at this free festival. Kids can bring their favourite or create one on-site.

A pampering pedicure, just for you
Why? Because mom’s know that June is a hectic month, and you could use the time for yourself. Plus, you’ll want your toes to look their best for all those preschool graduation ceremonies. 

Balloon badminton. Grab some ‘rackets’ (dollar store fly swatters, or tongue depressors glued to paper plates) and some ‘birdies’ (balloons) and get set for some friendly competition.
Why? Because the weather is beautiful and it’s time to play outside. This will keep them entertained while they burn off some energy.

How Full Is Your Bucket
Why? This book for kids (best for ages 4–7) uses storytelling to explain that positive actions and kind words help everyone, including yourself. Using a bucket as a metaphor for someone’s emotional and mental state, (kind deeds fill a person’s bucket, negative ones empty them) this book is a great way to teach kids about emotional intelligence and the importance of being kind to others.

Why? This site is like an online catalogue of cool and unique videos that are interesting for both adults and children. They’re all curated by a mom of two, and with topics like food, DIY, animals and music, your kid will be sure to find something that’s just their cup of tea. We love the space and science catergories—the kids won’t even realize they’re learning something. 

You Rule
Why? Because it encourages kids to do chores around the house. Who knew there was an app for that? 

Use these compostable and biodegradable individual coffee cups from OneCoffee instead of your usual K-Cups
Why? Because you can buy them at the grocery store, they fit in all the major K-Cup style machines and they’re better for the planet. Plus, the coffee is fairtrade and organic. 

handmade thank you card for teacher. Have them write down a few things they learned or what they liked about the school year
Why? Because a little note goes a long way—especially for teachers who have no space left in their cupboards for more water bottles or mugs.

By going to Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada on June 8 in Nathan Phillips Square
Why? Because this walk promises to be a blast: there will be play zones, face painters, refreshments and performers. All event proceeds will support Autism Speaks’ work, both locally and nationally.

Image of Father’s Day from Shutterstock. 

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