Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to August

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Take advantage of all August has to offer. Find out more.

Forget about back to school (we’ll be bringing you everything you need to know in due course) and cherish the last month of summer—hit the beach, check out a festival or relax by the pool. Whatever you do, get outside (before it’s too late) and make the most of this hot month.

Host a backyard barbeque, dinner or party before summer is over
Why? Because entertaining (and impressing) your guests doesn’t have to be hard work. We even have 50 easy summer entertaining ideas to make your next gathering a breeze.

To DOGSmart Training’s one-week agility camps
Why? Because kids ages 10 to 16 years old will get to bring their dogs with them to camp, and everyone will have a blast as they help their dog race and manoeuver through tunnels, jumps, ramps and more. (From Our Partner: DOGSmart Training)

The latest royal baby news
Why? Because it’s all anyone’s talking about, and you can keep on top of it by following @ClarenceHouse on Twitter and visiting

Outside with a great summer toy
Why? Because sometimes kids need a little extra push to step away from the screen and get outdoors for some fresh air. These toys will get them there.

The Silver Star: A Novel by Jeannette Walls 
Why? Because it’s a witty coming-of-age story about two sisters, Liz and Bean, and how they handle life after their mother leaves them to find herself. Written by the author of The Glass Castle, this read-in-one-sitting book is the perfect addition to your beach bag.

Whip up these three simple homemade cleaners to keep your house sparkling
Why? Because they’re all natural, inexpensive, simple to make and you can feel good about using them around your kids.

Why? Because Sarah and Minnow are their Tastemakers for Mom. They have chosen their fave gifts for moms from independent boutiques across Canada. There’s something for everyone—including you!

Try SloPro
Why? Because it’s a fun way to shoot a creative video with your kids. From slowing down trampoline jumps to cannonballs into the pool, your family will get a kick out of it.

An accordion Snake Puppet
Why? Because paper crafts never get old, and sometimes you need something to keep them busy on a rainy afternoon.

Back to School Fun Run
Why? Because all proceeds go toward disadvantaged children around the world through the Right to Play organization, which provides kids with joy and development through sport and play.

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