Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to August

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Don’t be a Debbie Downer and start stressing about ‘back to school’ already. With a few tips to ensure that you’re all set, you can relax and keep your summer groove on.
Make short list of must-haves for September (shoes, backpack, lunch bag, pencils, etc.)
Why? So you can relax and stop thinking that you have so much to do before school and/or regular programming gets back in session.

To the PNE from August 21 through September 6
Why? It is the 100th anniversary of this ever-popular family fair, and there are lots of exciting events planned to mark the momentous occasion, including a special tribute PNE Parade in English Bay. Buy your tickets online and save some money as well.

Out and take some fun summer photos
Why? Because you’ll want to preserve every single, sunny, smiling memory.

Hopscotch (here’s our savvy how-to)
Why? Because it’s a fun way to play outside with sidewalk chalk, get some exercise and teach your youngest ones about numbers.

Everyday Play: Fun Games to Develop the Fine Motor Skills Your Child Needs for School by Christy Isbell
Why? It’s filled with simple, creative crafts and game ideas for little ones age two and up. Not only will they develop motor skills and more, but you’ll have an easy-access guide to keeping them occupied.

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