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It takes a team of people to bring SavvyMom to our readers every week. And while we’re not sure if it’s by design or by accident, every one of those people is a mom. Between that and the fact that we are a small business, that makes for different work environment that many people are accustomed to in larger organizations. The funny thing about having all moms here is that, other than the odd ‘where do you think a good place to get a new raincoat for Jimmy?’ conversation, everyone is pretty focused on getting down to business so we can all get home to be with

tend to our families. Lunch time is spent on family errands (we picked our office location to be close to banks, grocery stores and more) and after-work drinks are, well, pretty much non-existent (unless you count the glass of wine I usually have on the go while I chase my three kids through the bed and bathtime routine).

imageSo it was fun this week to actually have a ‘birthday in the boardroom’ moment to celebrate Denise’s special birthday (age is irrelevant so we won’t bother mentioning the number). The sales team lured her into the meeting room under false pretences—to get her help with a report, they said—and then the rest of us marched in with the most beautiful cake from Yummy Stuff to surprise her. It was fun sharing a slice of lemon-raspberry cake with the team. We will do it more often!

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Happy 5th Birthday to Us!
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This week’s not just any week at Savvy HQ. We’re celebrating an important milestone that any mom would be proud of—it’s our 5th birthday!

For five great years, we’ve been proudly going where no moms have gone before (with a little nod to the SS Enterprise) to bring our loyal readers the savviest information that every mom needs to make her life a little easier.

Back in 2005, we were a two-mom show and all we did was send out national newsletters two times a week. But we’ve grown and added so much since then, and it’s been nice to sit back and reflect on all the good and not-so-good times we have had in the last five years. Herewith some of those:


  • Building a team of dedicated and loyal savvy moms who help us deliver an excellent product to our readers every week
  • Meeting mom entrepreneurs everywhere we go and being able to share their stories with our readers
  • Discovering the savviest solutions for moms across Canada
  • Testing all the amazing samples that are sent in for trial

Not So Good

  • Standing at trade shows all weekend
  • Search engine optimization
  • Keeping track of all the amazing samples that are sent in for trial
  • Putting your own chair together if you want somewhere to sit in the office

Thanks to SavvyMom, we’ve been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people, go to some amazing places, eat some amazing food and do lots of fun things. And we’re sure the next five years have lots more in store so stay tuned for some great new things to come right here on


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Minnow Hamilton
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In celebration of spring and new beginnings, I’m turning a proverbial new leaf this week. I am actually going to write my blog again. Regularly.

I’ll be writing weekly about what caught my attention—whether it’s interesting new products, intriguing new business ideas or even the zaniness of celebrity moms. And I’ll try to keep it to five per post.

Here’s what I like this week:

  1. The new virtual store app. I was invited for a sneak peak last week to meet with Ali Asaria and his team at to learn about the launch of this amazing new App and virtual store that opened on Monday. This article in The Globe and Mail explains it well, referring to it as the ‘store of the future’. It‘s definitely a disruption in the digital retail environment and a really smart way to buy and order those large boxes of diapers and other drugstore items that are a pain to carry home.
  2. Easter crafts. I’m not that crafty but I do like finding things to do over the four day weekend with the kids. These ideas (submitted by our very Savvy Storytellers) are so good, I might need to break out of the chocolate mold and buy some glue this year. Or maybe both.
  3. Alicia Silverstone and her child feeding practices. I’m obsessed with this story about Alicia Silverstone chewing her food and allowing her son to eat right out of her mouth. The child is over a year old so he has teeth and can chew his own food. Early signs of helicopter parenting or a celebrity looking for attention? If it’s the latter, allow me to enable her. What’s even more fascinating is what she is eating (and sharing) with her son: ‘a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radishes, steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon’. There is so much more to say but I just can’t give this more air time.
  4. This awesome birthday cake below that our sales coordinator made for her husband who is (clearly) a U2 fan. Everyone at the office wants to be more like Leslie—and this picture kind of explains why.
  5. Tea Mug and Cake That Caught Minnow's Attention
  6. This very groovy tea travel mug. Our new intern Sarah showed up on her first day at the office with this mug and it was an instant hit (she was too—with her immediate enthusiasm for tackling our backlog of broken links). Find the mug at David’s Tea or order it online.

And that’s what caught my attention this week. How about you?

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Nothing Like the First Time

Trevor Bond
June 03, 2012
Trevor Bond
Nothing Like the First Time
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One year, people—and a celebration was in order.

Baxter is a May 2-4 baby, which ensures he will party hearty in years to come (hopefully when I’m hard of hearing), but last weekend he was content to walk about pleasantly stunned as people assisted him in opening presents. To me, a twelve-month-old human really can’t comprehend the intentions of a good party. Obviously it’s to celebrate the parent’s (mostly mother’s) survival, hence the punch with punch.

Ironically, Amy chose to prepare an enormous spread. For a solid week she was up late in the kitchen. She’ll even admit it got away from her a bit. She’s not experienced in food service and she really had a mountain of prep work complete but no real plan to present said delectables. When asked for help, she was unable to respond. Is there a culinary equivalent to ‘shell shock?’ Once removed from the war room, she was able to relax and watch everyone snack and enjoy.

As Baxter will have no memory of this occasion, our goal was to catch up with family and friends. Reconnect. It was a lovely sunny day on the deck and everyone had a great time. I am reminded as to how generous our friends are. Especially now, looking at Baxter’s toy pile.

Toys are tools for children—apparently critical for development. In Baxter’s case, he is developing an ear for which toy will smash louder. Meanwhile, his young friends have learned to open, assemble, play with and ‘borrow’ the shiny new toys (some call it parallel play), while BB blissfully crash tests whatever is closest. I suppose there’s education in that.

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