SavvyMom Collective


Who Are We?

We’re The SavvyMom Group, a property of Maple Media, and the largest provider of Canadian online content targeted to Canadian moms. Included in the SavvyMom Group of properties is the SavvyMom Collective, our blog network that represents over 75 of Canada’s best mom blogs.


The SavvyMom Collective

The SavvyMom Collective was developed as a way to address both the needs of our clients and agency partners and the needs of the bloggers in our community.

We sell display advertising and sponsored content across several premium Canadian blogs and communities under one umbrella. If you join this collective, SavvyMom will exclusively represent you to all the major media buying agencies in Canada.

By joining the SavvyMom Collective, you will be placing your blog with a team of experienced digital sales professionals who can focus on selling so you can focus on your content and traffic.


A Visual

There is a lot of information here, so we created a visual for you to make it a bit easier to understand.

This infographic explains both the editorial side of SavvyStories (traffic sharing, audience growth) and the monetization side of the SavvyMom Collective. When combined, the result is best case scenario for everyone – a larger audience with more traffic to monetize while you have more time to work on your content.


Contact Natalie Milne at to find out more about joining.