The 3 Gs of Canada Day


Canada Day might be a one-day wonder this year, but that’s all the more reason to make it a super patriotic day! Holidays are a great excuse to make your own celebration. We’ve got something yummy to eat, something festive to wear and something fun to play.
Canada Day Grub
What could be better on a hot summer day than ice cream? Well, we’ve figured out a way to take it to the next level for Canada Day. Think layers of raspberry and vanilla ice cream made to look like the Canadian flag. Our Canada Day Ice Cream Cake is both delicious and patriotic. The best part? This no-bake dessert is a perfect project for junior sous chefs.

Canada Day HatCanada Day Gear
How about a craft that provides a great activity for your ‘day off’ and then turns into a great party prop? Kids will love making their own Canada Day Hat and wearing it proudly to a fireworks celebration. These are great to keep in the tickle trunk for future wacky hat days at school or camp—or Halloween, of course.

Canada Day GameCanada Day Game
Does anyone really know where Nunavut is? Well after this fun game you are sure to figure it out. Break out the sidewalk chalk and draw a huge map of Canada on the driveway or sidewalk, getting the kids to fill in the different provinces and territories with different colours and patterns. Play a carnival-style toss game on the map with a bean bag. You can make up the rules according to your kids’ age and knowledge of Canada (hit the provinces with Rocky Mountains, where do granny and grandpa live, go from east-to-west, etc.) and add in some fun scoring opportunities (200 bonus points for hitting PEI). Geography was never so much fun in school!

So make Canada Day a day to play this year. If you can nurture that national pride in your kids by eating ice cream, we call that a win-win. Happy Canada Day!


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