The Savvy Summer Survival Guide

Beautiful portrait of a Latin American mother playing with her daughter outdoors and hugging - family concepts
Beautiful portrait of a Latin American mother playing with her daughter outdoors and hugging - family concepts

We wait so long for summer to get here, and when it does it’s over in a flash! So don’t waste a second searching for things to do or ways to keep cool. Our Savvy Summer Survival Guide combines everything you need to remember, with tips and ideas for new and new-to-you ways to maximize your summer fun and live your best summer family life.

SavvyMom’s Savvy Summer Survival Guide

Best Beaches Near Toronto for a Family Day Trip

Safely Soaking Up the Sun

Maybe we sound like a broken record, but you can never practice enough safe sun. It’s important to stock up on sunscreen and actually use it. And reapply! Our list of the Best Sunscreen for Kids is also great for every member of your family. We follow recommendations from the Canadian Dermatology Association.

And while we love feeling the breeze in our hair, a hat is truly one of the best ways of preventing sunstroke – for ourselves and for our littles. Bonus points if the hats are cute! Our list of sunhats for kids offer great protection and are cute – so win, win.

Splash Pads

Stay Cool, Man

Our summers are so brief it’s hard to complain about the heat. But it does get hot! Wading pools and splash ways are easy and inexpensive ways to cool off if you don’t have easy access to a pool or a lake. Check out our lists of the best splash pads and wading pools in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver. And we would be remiss if we didn’t remind about water safety, too.

On Your Bike!

Keeping active as a family is a great way to instill healthy living at a young age. Family walks in your neighbourhood are a great start, but as the kids get bigger and you get more adventurous, it’s time to hop on your bike and start exploring more. With a good bike rack, you can see more of your city from both your four and two-wheeled vehicles. We’ve listed the best bike paths for families in Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto for your summer exploring pleasure.

Got babies and toddlers? Check out the best baby bike carriers. Here’s how to teach your kid to ride a bike and here’s who’ll do it for you if your back says no!

Frozen Chocolate Banana Popsicle Recipe

Sweet Dreams

This is a reasonable healthy dessert that could also serve as a decadent afternoon treat or even a fun summer breakfast addition! A chocolate-covered frozen banana is more than just a banana popsicle, it’s basically three food groups (if you use nuts instead of sprinkles) and much better for you than a stick of frozen juice. We look forward to summer desserts almost as much as other aspects of summer dining, like farm-fresh produce, yummy new summer side dishes, grilled veggies, and (of course) barbequed steak!

Thank You Gifts for the Cottage - SavvyMom

Life is Better at the Cottage

If you’ve got a cottage, we’ve got some easy cottage renovation tips to help make it an even more wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle. If you don’t have a cottage, but have won the friendship lottery and been invited to one, our thoughtful suggestions for thank you gifts for the cottage will help ensure you receive a repeat invitation.

Skateparks in Calgary - SavvyMom

More Summer Fun Ideas

If you were a kid and have a kid, chances are your life has included a skateboard or scooter at some point or another. But! Now there’s no need to aimlessly roll up and down your sidewalk since most Canadian cities have awesome skateparks ready for your little ripper! You’ll definitely want to hit (not literally, of course) our roundups of the best skateparks in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver for some summer fun on wheels.

Even if you’re not a scratch golfer (not even sure what that means, really) there’s lots of family fun to be had with a club in your hand! We have the lowdown on the best mini-golf courses in Canada, as well as regional lists for Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto!


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