5 Overlooked Veggies Ideal for Grilling


Need a few new grilled vegetable ideas? If you are looking for some new healthy side dishes for grilling, here are five veggies that are often overlooked.

The next time you’re prepping for that perfect grilled steak dinner, instead of reaching for corn or eggplant, try one of these choices instead. Rustic grilled vegetables are the perfect side.

5 Veggies Ideal for Grilling

Brussels Sprouts

Yes, Brussels Sprouts. These tantalizing little mini cabbages are delicious when caramelized and you can brush them with olive oil and grill until just tender. You will be surprised how good they are and you can slice them in half and put them on skewers or do them whole in a veggie grilling basket.

When cooking whole, consider parboiling first and then grilling. Cutting an “X” in the stems will help them become tender more quickly.

You can then serve tossed with herb butter, crumbled crispy prosciutto, or just as they are with some sea salt and cracked pepper for a healthier alternative.


This is another shocker but, if you like cabbage and are looking for new grilled vegetable ideas, this is an excellent way to include this winter staple in your summer meals.

Slice a head of cabbage into eight wedges and remove the tough core. Place in foil drizzled with olive oil and some salt and pepper and cook on the grill for about 30 to 40 minutes. Once it is done, if the wedges are still uniform you can grill them for a few minutes on each side to add a bit more caramelization or just eat as is.

One tip is to taste the cabbage to make sure it is not bitter before grilling as it will only become more bitter when you cook it in this fashion. As well, make sure it is cooked tender as this is when it will become sweet and yummy.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy is yet another overlooked green that is lovely when grilled. And baby Bok Choy work very well as they will cook quickly.

Bok Choy is especially flavourful with sweet glazes. With the Asian influence of this popular stir fry ingredient, tossing together some rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and a touch of sweet from sweet chilli sauce, brown sugar, or even plum sauce or honey will keep the flavours married with their Asian roots while also adding a nice caramelized flavour.

Give some of these veggies a try and see how your family responds. You can also add your own favourite ingredients to personalize the flavour and make the dish your own.


Nothing adds more colour to a plate than beets and when grilled they are delicious.

Slice the beets into rounds and toss with olive oil, fresh rosemary, and balsamic vinegar. Cook them wrapped in foil on the grill for about 25 minutes. Once tender, put them directly on the grill to caramelize and, voila, yummy, fragrant, and beautiful beets that make an ideal side to rich grilled meats.

Hearts of Romaine

If you want to try a twist on Caesar salad or just want to add a little more green to your plate, brush some romaine lettuce hearts with olive oil and grill for no more than five minutes each side.

Serve right off the grill on top of a nicely charred slice of artisan bread, fresh shaved parmesan, and bacon. Drizzle with your favourite Caesar dressing or even a squirt of fresh lemon juice with a drop of olive oil and sea salt and cracked pepper.

You can also use a whole head of Romaine sliced in half if you can’t find hearts of romaine.


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