3 Tips for Serving Cake and Ice Cream Like a Pro

Jan Scott April 27, 2018

Nearly all birthday celebrations involve cake and ice cream. Here are three fuss-free tips for serving both that will impress your guests and make your clean up a snap.

  • Sheet Cakes: A mess-free method for cutting a sheet cake uses dental floss in place of a sharp knife. Hold the unflavoured waxed floss tightly between your fingers and press firmly into the cake. Release when you get to the bottom and slide the floss across and pull it out the other end. Repeat across the cake in a grid pattern, ‘cutting’ the pieces as large, or small, as you like.
  • Round Cakes: For cakes larger than 10-inches in diameter, use a long sharp knife to cut a smaller circle inside the large one. Slice the outer ring into wedges, then cut the smaller inside cake into traditional pieces, like you would a pizza or pie.
  • Cartons of Ice Cream: Slice cylindrical cartons of ice cream in half from the top through to the bottom. Remove the packaging and lay one half on a cutting board (long flat side down) and slice into 1-inch-thick half moons. For rectangular boxes of ice cream, remove the cardboard and cut the ice cream into thick slices for simple serving.

Also, don’t forget about this trick. I use it every time I need to serve ice cream to a crowd, especially during the summer when small scoops are more likely to melt quickly.

Do you have any cake cutting secrets to share?

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