The Best Ice Cream in Toronto

Ice Cream Toronto

There’s nothing more perfect on a hot summer day than a sticky, sweet, dripping ice cream cone. Here are our favourite spots to get ice cream in Toronto—from the classic, old school style parlours to the eye-popping-ly nontraditional.

Ed’s Real Scoop


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(Leslieville, the Beaches, and Roncy)

Good old Ed. This has been a Toronto fave for over a decade. Ed’s makes homemade ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and more in house—and you can tell. The ice cream is rich and flavourful, and the gelato is some of the best around. Expect a line up at peak hours on hot summer days—but don’t worry, it’ll move fast, and it’s worth it. The flavours are original without being too weird, think Toasted Marshmallow or Cinnamon Cheesecake ice cream, Tiramisu Gelato, and Sangria Sorbet.

Bang Bang Ice Cream


Located on Ossington between Queen and Dundas, this tiny shop opened two years ago and has been garnering rave reviews ever since. The Mango Pudding/Warm Coconut Sticky Rice ice cream is a must-try, and beer nerds will be psyched to see a Bellwood’s stout flavour on the menu. The kiddos will fall in love with the Cinnamon Toast flavour and Campfire Marshmallow. We’re keen to try the Ontario strawberry—yum. Cones and dishes are a given, but we recommend ordering what they’re really known for: an ice cream sandwich made with a homemade cookie, or a puffle cone (basically a waffle cone that’s extra waffle-y, like bubble wrap).

Sweet Jesus


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(John Street, south of Adelaide)

If you’ve got bigger kids, are downtown around TIFF Bell Lightbox, and want to watch the kids’ eyes pop out of their head, take them to Sweet Jesus. The ice cream itself is just plain soft serve, but it’s the wild, crazy, and totally over-the-top add-ons that make this one special—more of a feast for the eyes than the stomach. It’s a hipster hotspot—so try to go during off-peak hours to avoid the line.

Hollywood Gelato


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Lucky Leasiders have some of the best gelato in the city right in their ‘hood. Everyone loves the huge assortment of flavours, from seasonal Pumpkin Pie to classic Strawberry. In the Leaside area for more than a decade, this classic ice cream shop is known to draw a crowd on summer nights…and for good reason.

My Favourite Ice Cream Shop


A ‘neighbourhood spot’ if there ever was one. A tiny shop on a residential street between Summerhill and Rosedale stations, off Yonge Street, this cash-only spot opens in the spring and closes in the fall and sources their ice cream from Greg’s and Denali Ice Cream. There’s just one picnic table outside and no seating inside—but the shop is perfectly located for a leisurely neighbourhood stroll anyway.

Greg’s Ice Cream

(Bloor and Spadina)

Greg’s is a must-try. The owner (you guessed it, Greg) makes the ice cream with quality, all-natural ingredients—and he was the first in the city to do so, back in 1981 (the shop was on Bloor St. and Avenue Rd. in those days). Try the roasted marshmallow—it’s his signature.

Summer’s Ice Cream


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Everything’s made in house (daily in small batches) at this Yorkville staple that’s been going strong since 1985. There are usually 24 flavours, and they skew more traditionalist. Perfect for the ice cream purist.

Yogurty’s Froyo

Yogurty’s is any kids’ dream. Everything is self-serve and the price of each dish is calculated by weight. What kid wouldn’t want to choose from dozens of self-serve flavours before hopping over to the toppings bar to spoon on crushed candies, chopped fruit, sprinkles, syrups, and more? Moms and dads who are less keen on candy-covered confections will adore the ‘tart’ flavour topped with fruit and berries. Delish. This franchise has several Toronto locations, so you’re sure to find one near your hood.

La Paloma

(Corso Italia, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and Piazza Del Sole)

If you want the real, Italian stuff, La Paloma is tops. Established in 1967, these guys know what they’re doing. Their Limoncello flavour is tart but sweet and completely refreshing. For a real taste of Italy, get to this authentic gelateria.

The Big Chill


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(Little Italy)

Remember LBK (life before kids) when you would stay out late on College Street and enjoy the lovely patios and wine bars? Well, your bedtime may be earlier but you can still be cool—albeit with a homemade waffle cone filled with delicious Big Chill ice cream. Don’t let the big line ups deter you from visiting though; it caters to kids with its fun, interior cow-themed décor, colourful chairs and fun kid cars to sit in outside.



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(The Junction)

If you like the smell of chocolate, you might want to move into Delight. These all-organic, fair-trade beautifully French chocolatiers make wonderful confections, but the secret is that in the summer they also make some of the yummiest ice cream in the city. Their chocolate ice cream (served in a homemade waffle cone with a chocolate on top!) is so rich and smooth you will definitely want to order your own.

La Diperie


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Totally delish soft serve, dipped in any kind of chocolate you want, (dark chocolate with orange? White chocolate maple fudge? You name it, they can dip your cone into it) and rolled in whatever you want (nuts, candies, cookies, again, you name it). The quality is amazing, and we adore the choice. Be warned: the place is cash only. Find it on the Danforth right around Chester station.


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