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21 ways to have the best summer ever

21 Ways to Have the Best Summer Ever


I took a quick look through our article archives and discovered we’ve covered plenty of topics related to summer eating, warm-weather entertaining and school’s-out fun with the kids. We’ve come up with the easiest summer dessert you’ll ever make, 16 entertaining hacks you need to know about, and tips for hosting picnic, pie, birthday, movie and ice cream parties. So, here’s my suggestion: pin this page (or bookmark it, if you prefer) and save these ideas for when you’re in need of a reminder for how to have the very best summer ever!

Best Summer Eats:

Brownie Cake: The Easiest Summer Dessert
How to Make the Best Summer Sangria Ever
Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones
The Easiest Way to Serve Watermelon to Kids
10 Ultimate S’more-Based Desserts for Summer
Melon, Mozzarella and Prosciutto Skewers
A Late-Summer Buffet Menu‘
6 Secrets to Making Perfect Lemonade
13 Summer Snack Ideas
6 No-Cook Dinner Ideas for Lazy Summer Evenings

Best Summer Entertaining Tips and Tricks:

25 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Outdoor Entertaining
16 Summer Entertaining Hacks You Need to Know About
How to Host an Old Fashioned Picnic Party
How to Host a Pie Party
How to Throw a Simple Summer Birthday Party
How to Host an Outdoor Movie Party
How to Host an Ice Cream Social

Best Ways to Have Summer Fun with Kids:

3 Classic Outdoor Games to Play This Summer
101 Summer Boredom Busters
24 Rules for a Successful Road Trip
DIY Backyard Jenga

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