9 Tips for Throwing a Kid’s Birthday Party on a Budget

Ideas for a Birthday Party on a Budget - SavvyMom

When it comes to things our kids look forward to each year, birthday parties rank high on the list along with March Break, summer vacation, and Christmas. While it might be tempting to throw them the soirée of their supersized imaginations, chances are the budget for such an event far exceeds what you’re looking to spend. Thankfully, these cost-cutting tips and tricks are guaranteed to help you throw a bash they’ll remember.

Tips for a Child’s Birthday Party on a Budget

  1. Timing is Everything
    Planning an afternoon party that takes place between lunch and dinner will save you the expense of providing a proper meal to your party guests.
  1. Reuse, Reuse, Reuse
    Take a quick look around your home and make a list of what you can reuse for your party. Do you have leftover napkins and paper plates from a previous party? How about holiday decorations (Easter, Halloween, Christmas) that you can make use of?
  1. Turn Party Crafts into Party Favours
    I love the idea of turning a personalized craft activity into a loot bag. Not only does this save money on party favours, it also prevents from having to hire entertainment for the party.
  1. Party Theme Planning
    Plan a theme for your child’s party but don’t feel compelled to purchase only branded items. For example, if your child is really into Frozen you can throw a winter-themed party using blue and white décor items. Similarly, for a superhero-themed party, use bright, primary colours in the decorating instead of items with images of branded characters.
  1. Balloons, Balloons, and More Balloons
    Balloons are readily available everywhere, super inexpensive, and fun. Hang them upside-down from the ceiling using string or ribbon to save on paying to have them filled with helium. You can also fill balloons with confetti or write on them with a permanent marker to add a little extra pizzazz to the party decorations.
  1. Use Digital Invitations
    Instead of printing or buying paper invitations, send a digital invite to your party guests.
  1. Order Online
    Purchasing décor items and party favours are usually cheaper online than in the store, and hitting the web for your wares may prevent impulse purchase that can add up.
  1. Embrace No-Cost Party Games
    My nieces are obsessed with freeze-dance, and the simple musical game can keep them and their friends entertained for at least half an hour. Classic party games are always a hit and usually cost next to nothing to execute, and are definitely worth including in your party activity line-up. Related: This game isn’t free, but it’s ALWAYS a crowd-pleaser. There are lots of fun outdoor party games for a birthday party on a budget.
  1. Remember the KISS Rule
    When it comes to birthdays, don’t forget to Keep It Simple, Silly! In the 15 years between when I had my first baby and when I had my last one, birthday parties have evolved into Pinterest-perfect events instead of kid-focused get-togethers. While I’m ALL for celebrating, I think we need to take a few steps backward and simplify the whole process a little.


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