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As anyone knows, going out to eat with kids in tow can be a bit of a challenge. With all the amazing kid-friendly restaurants in Calgary, it can be hard to narrow it down to a place that not only has food your kids will actually eat but also makes families feel welcome with the atmosphere they provide. While my family has some favourites we like to visit regularly, I decided to reach out to my fellow parents to get their input as well so no great spots would get missed!

We’ve found 23 gems for you to try out the next time you’re asking yourself, “What are some good family restaurants near me?”

23 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Calgary

1. Bro’Kin Yolk | brokinyolk.ca

Locations in Mahogany Village, Signal Hill, and Creekside 

If you love brunch but hate waiting in line, Bro ‘Kin Yolk is gonna become your go-to breakfast spot. Although they don’t take reservations, they do have a waitlist system where you can call ahead of time to get a quote on the wait, add your name to a waitlist, and get a text when your table’s almost ready. Bro’Kin Yolk has a fantastic Kids Menu with most items around $8 including French Toast, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Strips and Hash.

2. Belmont Diner | belmontdiner.com

Located in Marda Loop and Aspen

If you’re looking for a breakfast and lunch spot with a classic diner feel, look no further than Belmont Diner. With tons of great breakfast and lunch options, you’re guaranteed to find something that everyone can enjoy. The best part about Belmont Diner is their adorable pancake art. The chefs take special requests and will try to create anything you ask for, so get your kids to start dreaming on the way to breakfast! The location is cozy, so you may need to wait, but the delicious food and incredible milkshakes make it totally worth it!

3. Spot On Kitchen and Bar | spotoncalgary.com

2 Richard Way SW, Calgary, AB

Spot On Kitchen and Bar (and its sister restaurant – 4th Spot Kitchen and Bar) have some of the most mouth-watering burgers I’ve ever tasted, and their French Onion soup is one of the most Instagram-worthy soups you’ll see in your life. If you have a family of pasta lovers, like we do, make sure you visit on Tuesdays, when all pasta dishes are only $13.99. Items on the Kids Menu are $11 and come with a drink and a popsicle for dessert. Spot On accepts reservations any time between Sunday and Tuesday, and until 5 pm from Wednesday to Saturday, which is a lifesaver when dining out with kids. If that wasn’t enough reasons to check out Spot On, the restaurant offers toys for kids to play with and has music that’s just loud enough to drown out the odd hunger-induced tantrum.

4. Le Patisserie du Soliel | patisseriedusoleil.com

2525 Woodview Dr. SW

This is one of our favourite haunts in the Southwest. This little bakery and café rarely has a lineup, so it’s the perfect place to get in and out with kids. There’s a huge menu of all-day breakfast options, and they are open for lunch and dinner as well (except on Sunday, where it’s breakfast only). The Kids Menu has great options such as eggs and bacon, banana bread French toast, chocolate and banana pancakes, and mac and cheese, and everything is reasonably priced. As a bonus, there are some incredibly delicious bakery items that you can grab on your way out!

5. Cora | chezcora.com

4 locations

Cora is a breakfast favourite because of their giant portions and huge variety of yummy food. There are tons of great kids’ options like panini, eggs, crepes, waffles, pancakes and French toast, and everything on the Kids Menu comes with a drink. The wait staff is only too familiar with families, so they are always ready with stickers and take-home cups to offer to kids to keep them busy.

6. Craft Beer Market | craftbeermarket.ca

100 Anderson Road SE (Southcentre Mall) and 345 10 Ave SW

A Beer Market might be one of the last places you’d assume kids would be welcome, but Craft offers an awesome Kids Menu with simple food that everyone under 12 will go crazy for. With brunch, lunch, and dinner options all reasonably priced, you’ll have money left over to sample one of the over 100 beers they have on tap.

7. Montana’s | montanas.ca

Locations at Signal Hill, Shepard Regional Centre, Beacon Hill, and in the Airport.

Your family may not be allowed to colour on the table at home, but they can definitely do it here! Montana’s has a fun, laid-back atmosphere, and arguably one of the best birthday ceremonies of any restaurant out there. If you’re game to wear a giant set of moose antlers and have most of the staff sing you a birthday song, Montana’s is the place to beat for a fun birthday dinner for the whole family. Kids can enjoy their Kids Meal which includes an entrée like Mini-Burger Sliders, BBQ Grilled Chicken Breast, Pork Back Ribs served with choice of side, kids’ pop, juice or milk, and dessert.

8. Boston Pizza | bostonpizza.com

17+ locations in Calgary 

Can you really make a list of places to dine with kids and not include Boston Pizza? There are two tiers of Kids’ Meals available – one with options for kiddos with smaller appetites, priced at $8.99, and another for hungrier kids for just $1.99 more. All meals come with a drink and a special ice cream sundae dessert. Kids can also get fun drinks like Cotton Candy Dairy Delight and Unicorn Lemonade. BP’s also has a deal where you can purchase a Kids Card for $5 and get 5 Free Kids Meals for kids 10 and under. This deal is only offered once a year, though, so make sure to get yours before sales end (currently available until October 2nd)! .

9. Moxie’s | moxies.com

4 locations in Calgary 

Moxie’s has a great selection of Kids’ Menu items, ranging from tried and true favourites like cheeseburgers and chicken fingers to  fancier fare like grilled chicken and pan seared salmon. The best part of any Kids Menu item is the volcano ice cream dessert that they’ve featured for at least 20 years, which is served in a dish with dry ice that creates a “smoke” effect your kids will be talking about for days.

10. IKEA | ikeafoodfacts.ca

8000 11 St SE 

Yep, IKEA. The best thing about a trip to IKEA is that you can make an entire afternoon out of it, and the cheap (and arguably pretty tasty) food is just a bonus. If you haven’t tried the Swedish meatballs, you probably need to, right now. Kids Menu items are under $4.50, and grown-up menu items are all under $12. After you’re done eating, drop your potty-trained kids off at Smaland while you wander the store, and then pick them up to grab everyone an ever-popular $2 frozen yogurt on the way out.

11. Famoso | famoso.ca

 Locations at 4th St, McKenzie Towne, Westhills and Country Hills 

Famoso is a restaurant that got multiple mentions from parents sharing their favourite place to dine out with kids. A highlight of eating at Famoso is that your kids can play with fresh, raw pizza dough while they wait. Kids’ pizza and pasta items range in price depending on toppings you choose and come with a kids’ drink and a scoop of gelato or sorbetto. Our favourite grownup meal is the Pizetta and Soup (we always get the tomato bisque). Don’t forget to get yourself a scoop of gelato for dessert, because your kid definitely isn’t going to want to share theirs.

12. Ripe Tomato Pizza | ripetomatopizza.com

3439 22 St SW and 751 3 St SW

Order at the counter and grab a seat while you wait for a delicious wood fired pizza from Ripe Tomato Pizza. Kids eat free on Tuesday evenings, but the kids’ menu is super cheap for the rest of the week – just 6 bucks for a pizza, pasta or sandwich, juice box and dessert!

13. Big T’s BBQ | bigtsbbq.com

5 locations

If you’re in search of a great restaurant where no one will look twice when your kids eat with their hands, you’ve found it. Tons of families love Big T’s for their friendly atmosphere and delicious barbecue smoked meat and incredible sides. We love getting a bunch of different items for everyone to share, along with more side options than you can imagine, including hush puppies, baked beans, coleslaw, dirty rice, potato salad, cornbread, and more.

14. Sidewalk Citizen Bakery | sidewalkcitizenbarkery.com

618 Confluence Way SE and 340 13 Ave SE

This is a great place for kids for the simple reason that you can order at the counter, sit down and enjoy your food, and leave when the red flags of a fussy kiddo start to emerge. There is plenty of upstairs seating with room for strollers, which is always a plus. If the weather’s nice and you’re feeling like a picnic, you can even pre-order your food online and pick it up to go.

15. Seed N’ Salt | seednsalt.com

2008 4 St SW

Seed N’ Salt has delicious, healthy bowls of all kinds – whether you’re in the mood for a breakfast bowl, a smoothie bowl, a salad, or something for lunch or dinner, they’ve got it covered. This is another great option for a place that’s quick to get in and out if you need to, or somewhere to linger a little longer if you’ve got the time. There are Kids Menu items like the Lil’ Amigo bowl (brown rice, roasted chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes, white cheddar and tomatillo ranch dressing) that are perfect for kids or adults with a smaller appetite.

16. Nando’s | nandos.ca

3333 32 Ave NE

The Peri-Peri chicken is what Nando’s is known for, so choose your spice level and pair it with some of their many sides (we love the corn and the Peri-Peri fries). Kids can order from the Nandino’s menu, where they get less-spicy versions of the adult fare, as well as a side and a drink. There’s a good chance that you’ll love your chicken so much, you’ll want to buy a bottle (or two!) of their sauce to take home with you.

17. East Side Mario’s | eastsidemarios.com

SunridgeMall (2555 32 St NE) 

East Side Mario’s has a menu so huge that even the pickiest eater will be able to find something they’ll like. All-you-can-eat soup or salad and breadsticks will keep kids and grownups alike occupied while they wait for the main dish to arrive, so there’s no need to worry about anyone getting hangry before dinner. Once it’s time to order, kids 10 and under can check out the Mini Marios menu that comes with an entree, drink and dessert for $8.99. East Side Mario’s has a Mini Marios Club which qualifies any kiddo who signs up for 5 Free Kids Eat Big meals and 5 free Chillers, once the card arrives in the mail.

18. The Old Spaghetti Factory | oldspaghettifactory.ca

472 36th Street NE

Simple, tasty food at an unbeatable price is the name of the game for The Old Spaghetti Factory. They have an all-inclusive adult’s menu that includes unlimited bread, soup or salad, spumoni ice cream and coffee or tea – perfect for kids, too! By the time your dinner arrives, you’ll have just enough room to have some pasta and take the rest home for leftovers!

19. Pacini | pacini.com

123 Freeport Blvd NE and 8360 Blackfoot Trail SE

Have you ever heard of an all-you-can-eat bread bar? I hadn’t either, until I discovered Pacini, and my life was forever changed. Keep everyone at the table busy sampling Pacini’s different margarine spreads and debate whether it’s better to add your margarine before or after you grill your bread, and then decide which of their four flavours (presto, garlic, tomato and basil, or regular) tastes the best! There is a Kids’ Menu that includes soup or salad, a drink, dessert, all you can eat bread bar, and an entree.

20. Triple O’s

5315 Dufferin Blvd. SE

RIP White Spot in Calgary but their self-proclaimed “cousin” restaurant is a new and welcome addition to the Calgary burger scene. In addition to their yummy burgers with their “secret sauce,” kids can enjoy a grilled cheese or chicken tenders in a relaxed and casual environment. Treat yourselves to a hand-scooped milkshake for dessert.

21. Costa Vida | costavida.com

3 Locations

More than one of my fellow parents recommended Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill for its quick and delicious food, huge portion sizes and fun bubble wall for kids to stare at as they enter the restaurant.

22. Clive Burger | cliveburger.com

736 17 Ave SW

There are many reasons to love Clive Burger, including the fact that you can build your own burger just the way you like it with free toppings and $1 add-ons. The Clive Sauce is incredible on burgers and fries (ask for extra for dipping!) Something else you can feel good about is that their menu includes many items and ingredients that are locally sourced. A tip for your side: an order of large fries is enough for the whole family to share, so if you get a Kids Meal for $8 (which includes a slider, small fries and a juice box), you might want to stick with a small. One more great thing about Clive Burger is that all of the packaging is compostable!

23. The Park Kitchen and Bar | parkkitchen.ca

#1200 163 Quarry Park Blvd SE and 326 Aspen Glen Landing SW

Head to The Park Kitchen and Bar on Tuesdays, where kids under 12 can eat for just 5 bucks. Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options are available, so even family members with dietary restrictions will leave The Park more than satisfied. All Kids Meals are served with a choice of fries, Caesar salad or veggies and dip, a beverage and a sundae. The huge tree decorated with lights in the dining room also makes the whole dining experience a little more fun, especially when it’s cold and snowy outside.

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    Thanks for the tip on 4th Spot kitchen and bar. My family of 4 from California loved it!

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