10 Spots For Great Pizza In Calgary

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Well, Alberta has made its way back into Step 1 of our reopening plan, which means in-person dining is a no-go once again. Since we’re all about supporting our favourite local Calgary businesses (and eating delicious food), we wanted to highlight some top spots for a takeout staple – pizza!

Thick Crust Pizzas Loaded With Toppings


Crispy Crust Pizzeria | crispycrust.ca

464 B Woodbine Boulevard SW |  403-251-3329

Crispy Crust has been a favourite for our family’s since we moved into the neighbourhood of Woodbine a few years ago. That being said, I know people come from all over the city for a slice of delicious Greek-style ‘za from this spot. Fresh toppings are baked under a thick and crispy layer of cheese and their dough is fantastic and cheesy. For my gluten-free friends, there’s a GF crust for medium-sized pizzas. They also offer 15% off on all pickup orders!


Pauls Pizza | pauls.pizza

70 Shawville Blvd SE #216 | 403.254.4224

2767 32 Ave NE | 403.250.5200

528 2 Ave SE, Airdrie | 403.948.9888

Paul’s has been a Calgary pizza staple for decades and has locations in Shawnessy, Northeast Calgary and Airdrie. Their tasty crust is absolutely loaded with toppings and baked with cheese. Each slice is like a meal in itself! With 38 flavour combinations to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a pizza everyone in the family will love. They also offer 12″ keto and 10″ gluten-free crusts. Order on Wednesdays, when pizzas are Buy 1, Get one 1/2 Off!

New York – Style Pizzas


Connie & John’s | connieandjohns.com

Simmons Building, 618 Confluence Way SE | 403. 710.2145

Not only does Connie and John’s have pizza that comes highly recommended by Calgary foodies, they also have an awesome patio outside the Simmons Building, near the riverwalk. If you’re in the East Village and looking for a delicious slice of foldable New York-style or deep-dish Detroit-style pizza, you’ve gotta stop here. While you sit in the sun on the patio, grab a refreshing Connie & John’s Lager, brewed by Trolley 5.


Carmine’s Pizzeria | carminespizza.ca

#4 – 390 Northmount Drive NW ​| 403.457.8885

#9 – 3109 Palliser Drive SW | 403.457.8884

Carmine’s is another fantastic spot to get your hands on some New York-Style pizza. If you’re not familiar, that means thin, hand-tossed, crust, ready to fold into the perfect bite. For something a little different, Carmine’s also offers Pizza Bianco, which is white sauce pizza – perfect for fans of garlic and parmesan cheese. Don’t forget to add some of their house made sauces to your order for dipping!

Detroit-Style Pizza


POW! Pizza | powpizza.ca

1025 Russet Rd NE | 403.263.1115

1350 Northmount Dr NW | 403.460.1535

For a deep dish experience like no other in Calgary, add POW! pizza (from the fine folks behind Without Papers) to your must-try list. Picture thick crust and a ton of toppings and cheese, all finished off with a dollop of sauce, and you’ve got an idea of what you’ll find at POW! The Italian Street Meat and Hey Bob! (donair pizza) are definite fan favourites, but they’ve got classic flavours like pepperoni and Hawaiian, too.

Napoleon-Style Pizzas


Il Centro | ilcentropizzeria.com

106-6036 3 St SW | 403.258.2294

For an authentic, Napoleon-style pizza with a mouthwatering crust, Il Centro is a Calgary go-to. Try a classic Margherita pizza or order up Quatro Formaggio – you’ll swear you were taking a trip to Italy (and let’s be honest, this is about as close as we can get these days!)


Without Papers | wopizza.ca

1216 9 Ave SE | 403.457.1154

This popular spot in Inglewood fires up Napoleon-style pizza with a fun twist of flavour combinations. Of course, they’ve got classics such as Parma and Margherita, but they’ve also got must-try options like the “Hot Cock A Doodle Do” – a spicy chicken pizza, and the perfect quarantine flavour – “The Pandemic”, which comes with a roasted garlic aioli, mortadella, pistachio, jalapeño, honey, mozzarella and cheddar.

Unique Crusts and Flavours


The Mash | masheats.ca

Unit 113, 400 Main Street North, Airdrie | 403.980.1557

#4, 1126 Kensington Rd NW | 403.764.1557

Unit 101, Mahogany Centre SE | 403.457.6274

The Mash is a brewery and pizzeria that melds the worlds of Craft Beer and Craft Pizza in a pretty awesome way. Have you ever heard of spent grain? Crushed malted barley is mixed with hot water to convert the starch into sugar.  The grain is separated out, while the liquid becomes the brewing water to make beer – in this case, Half Hitch Ales and IPAs. A lot of that grain can be used as feed for animals, but the folks at The Mash wanted to reduce food waste further by incorporating it into their pizza dough. Not only is the spent grain crust from The Mash delicious, but it’s good for you too. Spent grain is a rich source of fibre, protein, and phenolic compounds, meaning you’re pretty much eating their pizza for your health. They’ve got everyone’s favourite classic flavours, as well as fun new options like Dill Pickle & Bacon.


Pink Door | pinkdoorpizza.com

4307 130 Ave SE #180 | 403.764-.465

Pink Door Pizza was created by the Starbelly Group, so fans of Starbelly and The Beltliner are likely to go crazy for their pizza offerings. Unique flavour combinations like roasted chicken, cotija cheese, sesame, green onion, and mole sauce in their “Holy Mole” pizza and slow roasted pork carnita, avocado and chipotle crema, cilantro, roasted jalapeno, pineapple, mozzarella, cotija cheese in the Calvera pizza will have your mouth watering for more. With so many exciting new pizzas to try, you’ll definitely have to come back more than once!


Pizza Face | pizzafaceyyc.com

202 61 Avenue Southwest |  587. 585.8669

Dill pickle pizza? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it – it’s incredible! Pizza Face has lots of fun and delicious flavours to try out aside from pickle, including creamy artichoke (with spinach and garlic cream sauce, fior di latte and marinated artichokes) and potato pizza (with garlic cream, fior di latte cheese, red onion, sliced potatoes, bacon, topped with fresh chives and honey). Pizza Face is located inside of Community Natural Foods, so you can pick up your order there or order through Door Dash or Skip the Dishes!

With so many amazing spots to grab pizza in Calgary, it was hard to narrow this list down to just ten. What are some of your go-to pizza joints in Calgary? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!


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