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Mama's Cloud is a kids book to help children with depressed parents - SavvyMom

A Kids’ Book to Help Children Understand Depressed Parents

Mama’s Cloud tells the story of a young child trying to navigate the world with a mother who suffers from depression. It can help children understand depressed parents.

Indigenous Picture Books for Children - SavvyMom

12 Indigenous Picture Books to Add to Your Collection

Indigenous picture books are a crucial part of teaching all of our children the history of our First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples, and having their faces and voices regularly included in our literature.

Children's Book Review: Josie's Busy Calendar - SavvyMom

Children’s Book Review: Josie’s Busy Calendar

The children’s book Josie’s Busy Calendar is a timely look at change and anxiety by a Vancouver writer and mother of two.

Terrific Books to Enjoy with Your Tween Over Family Day Weekend

We’ve decided to transfer the Icelandic tradition of giving books and chocolate on Christmas Eve over to the Family Day weekend. Here are some great picks to help you get cozy and reconnect with your tween.

Best Kids’ Books for Graduation

Whether your little one is graduating kindergarten, or your not-so-little one is graduating grade eight, high school or even university, these books are for you. (Cue the sobbing!)

Best Books for Your Tiny Feminist

We love to celebrate the strength and accomplishments of women of all ages and demographics. And one of the ways you can help teach your kids about strong women is by exploring books on feminism, women in history, and stories that feature strong girl characters.