Best Kids’ Books for Graduation

Kids Books for Graduation

Knowing that I am a kid’s book connoisseur, a friend recently asked me for recommendations on books to give her children for graduation. When each of her four children start kindergarten, she chooses a book and has their teachers sign it each year. When they graduate high school, she will gift the book to them.

What a fabulous idea! But I could only think of a small handful of books off the top of my head. So I decided to look a little deeper and find books for graduates of all ages. Whether your little one is graduating kindergarten, or your not-so-little one is graduating grade six, high school or even university, these books are for you.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

This Dr. Seuss classic is the quintessential graduation book. I gifted this one to myself when I graduated university, and whenever I feel discouraged or anxious, I remind myself, “You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” This book is so popular for graduations that you can even find graduation sets featuring it!

$22, available here.

Yay, You! Moving Up and Moving On

You can’t go wrong with Sandra Boynton. She is typically my go-to for baby showers, but this book is aimed at an older crowd. It’s written as a kids books but is oh-so-relatable for those dipping their feet into adulthood. My parents gave this to me when I finished my undergrad, and now my children and I enjoy reading it together.

$14, available here.

I Wish You More

Amy Krouse Rosenthal has more than one wish for children. She wishes laughter and peace, curiosity and wonder, friendship and strength, and so much more. A great book for graduates and dreamers of all ages.

$19, available here.

Curious You: On Your Way!

H.A. Ray brings us back to our own childhood in this wonderful collection of scenes from the original books. Filled with words of encouragement for children (and adults!) moving into new stages of their lives, this book reminds readers to follow their curiosity and know they will always have a special little monkey in their corner.

$14, available here.

I Knew You Could!

Craig Dorfman breaths new life into an old classic. Remember when the Little Engine that Could reminded us we could do anything if just kept trying? He’s back with more words of encouragement. Keep going, graduates, you got this!

$14, available here.

Only One You

This beautifully illustrated book by Linda Kranz features words of wisdom from parents to child as he sets out to explore the wondrous world around him. Inspirational for parents and children alike, this book is perfect for a graduate getting ready to put themselves out there.

$16, available here.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Emily Winfield Martin uses rhyme and rhythm to express the thoughts parents have when they look at their children. Enjoyable for children and grown-ups, this book imparts a clever, humorous, and beautiful message that stands the test of time.

$19, available here.

The North Star


In this 10-year anniversary edition, Peter H. Reynolds reminds readers to follow their dreams, even when the path is hard to find. This book has inspired classroom studies, personal journeys, and even a musical!

$21, available here.

Edmund Unravels

Andrew Kolb reminds us of the old adage, “give children roots and wings.” Edmund, the yarn ball, unravels as he explores the world, having adventures along the way. Each time, his parents pull him back when the adventure is done. One day, Edmund chooses to ravel his way back home on his own, needing the comfort of his family. A wonderful reassurance from parents to children that no matter where their journey takes them, they will always have a connection to home, and a place to come back to.

$19, available here.

The Knowing Book

Rebecca Kal Dotlich tells the story of a young rabbit experiencing highs and lows on his journey through the world and returning home feeling confident and having grown in many ways. It begins and ends with the vast sky. This book reminds readers that life is about the journey, not the destination and to savour the experience.

$20, available here.

Good luck, 2019 graduates! Welcome to the next step!



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