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Fact Check Science-Literate Children - SavvyMom

How to Fact Check & Raise Science-Literate Children

By Heather Jones / January 8, 2024

Now is not the time to be skeptical of science. Here’s how to fact check what you read online and raise science-literate children.

Here's Why My Husband and I Stay at Hotels Close to Home - SavvyMom

My Husband and I Stay at Hotels Less than an Hour Away from Home. Here’s Why.

By Heather Jones / November 6, 2023

Here’s why we stay at hotels: Physically removing my ability to do anything forced me to relax and removed any guilt for doing so.

We Need to Do More than Just Talk About Mental Health Care

By Heather Jones / October 8, 2023

How are we going to help those who need intense treatment regain some of their dignity and autonomy? How will we give them agency while ensuring their safety?

Easy Acts of Kindness for Kids - SavvyMom

Easy Acts of Kindness for Kids

By Heather Jones / September 4, 2023

There are few things kids love more than making others happy. Here are some easy and thoughtful acts of kindness for kids (and for you!).

How Walkie-Talkies Saved Bedtime

By Heather Jones / July 17, 2023

At our house, bedtime is torture for everyone involved. My five-year-old has night fears. I get it, and I feel for him. I do. But thank goodness I had a lightning strike idea finally.

I Relish Time Away from the Kids - SavvyMom

I Relish Time Away from the Kids & I’m Not Sorry About It

By Heather Jones / July 13, 2023

When my youngest started kindergarten, I held a parade. I uncorked champagne. I wore a sash reading “Queen of Freedom.” I relish time away from the kids.

Why Black History Month is Important for Everyone - SavvyMom

Why Black History Month Is Important for Everyone

By Heather Jones / January 29, 2023

“What if we had a white history month? People would be outraged!” Without fail, every year around the time of Black History Month, I hear this comment. Not just once, either, I hear it said over and over.

how to raise grateful children

How to Raise Grateful Children

By Heather Jones / September 3, 2022

Gratitude can be a hard concept for children to grasp. So, how do we raise grateful children?

I Have No Reason to Be Depressed - SavvyMom

I Have No Reason to Be Depressed – But it Came for Me Anyway

By Heather Jones / April 5, 2022

I have no reason to be depressed. Nothing specific had triggered the change, it just happened, like a switch being flicked. And it never switched back.

How to Respond to Parenting Advice from Someone Who Isn't a Parent - SavvyMom

When You Get Parenting Advice from Someone Without a Child

By Heather Jones / January 7, 2022

I recently read an article sharing parenting advice from a writer who isn’t a parent. She’s pregnant. Newsflash! Until that kid is here, you have no idea. None. You are exceptionally ignorant of just how ignorant you are.