15 Awesome Playgrounds in Calgary

best playgrounds in Calgary

Regardless of the time of year, getting outside to explore Calgary‘s great outdoors is always a good idea. If your kiddos are itching to burn off some energy, there are some pretty incredible playgrounds in Calgary scattered across all four quadrants of the city. We’ve rounded up a list of fifteen of the best playgrounds in YYC to get your kids climbing, sliding, and swinging all around town

Playgrounds in Calgary: The Northeast

Flyover Park | parksfdn.com
651 McDougall Rd. NE

For a park with a really unique feel, head to the Flyover Park under the 4th avenue overpass in Bridgeland-Riverside. Instead of leaving this space forgotten, it’s been transformed into a first of its kind playground that’s not just for kids! The giant roller slide will be among your first stops at the park, especially since it’s the largest one in the city. In addition, the park has plenty of fun obstacles to scale, a friendship swing, gorgeous murals to snap a selfie in front of, and family fun games like shuffleboard, ping pong, ladder toss and tetherball.

Telus Spark – Brainasium and Junkyard Playground | sparkscience.ca
220 St Georges Dr. NE

Although it does require admission to get in, the Brainasium and  Junkyard Playground at Telus Spark couldn’t be left off of this list. It’s been proven that play involving some level of risk is important for brain development, and the Junkyard Playground provides a variety of conditions that allow kids to use their imaginations to build, create and play while allowing for the chance of minor risk.

“Loose Parts” play provides kids with the opportunity to dream up the endless possibilities for different non-play objects, and free play gives kids the chance to play in a safe environment that is free from the direct observation they’re typically used to. This gives little brains the opportunity to really dive into the play environment without concern of judgement (or the need to show off for anyone watching) which inevitably builds their independence. While parents are invited to be in proximity of the Junkyard Playground, they are asked to give their kiddos space to play, while a trained facilitator will be nearby to promote safety and exploration.

Prairie Winds Playground | calgary.ca
233 Castleridge Blvd. NE

The Prairie Winds Playground has something fun for kids of all ages. The spray park and lazy river/wading pool are the perfect way to cool off on a hot day. The nature-inspired playground has two concrete slides that were built into the ground, making them perfect for little ones and big kids alike. The definite highlight of this park is the zipline. There is also a second, accessible playground within walking distance, as well as a giant hill perfect for rolling down and tons of space to picnic.

Playgrounds in Calgary: The Northwest

Shouldice Park | calgary.ca
4900 Monserrat Drive NW

Shouldice Park is an inclusive playground brought to Calgary by Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. Look carefully and you’ll see that the Canadian Tire logo makes up the ground design of the park! This highly accessible 15,000 square foot facility has a huge ramp system that invites all kids to come and play. There are tons of features that kids will love including a double swing, saucer swings, accessible swings, and regular swings (including baby swings).

There are plenty of places to climb, bounce, and spin, in addition to a designated toddler playground which provides younger kiddos with a spot to play that’s the perfect mix of challenge and fun. If you’re looking for a spot to have a bite to eat, there are bookable picnic sites available as well as lots of picnic tables and a washroom.

Carrington Playground
Symons Valley Parkway at 14 St NW

If you’re looking for a park with tons of fun features (including a zipline), you won’t want to miss a visit to this newer playground in the North end of Calgary. The roller slide and rock climbing walls will definitely be a hit with adventure-seeking kiddos, and older kids will love challenging themselves on the different rope climbers. There’s also a saucer swing and a basketball court nearby.

Confederation Park Natural Playground | calgary.ca
905 30 Ave. NW

The playground at Confederation Park has a beautiful, natural feel, with many structures made out of wood. If your kids are like mine, the first thing they’ll want to try out is the giant tube slide, followed closely by the water pump in the sand area. I love the in-ground double slide because it’s easy for my youngest to climb to the top with no worry of her falling off a ladder. The swing set has a saucer swing, regular swings and a baby swing. This park is great for kids of different ages and ability levels, and there’s lots of shade and seating for parents.

This is a great place to spend the better part of an evening or afternoon, as there are picnic grills, a water fountain and washrooms nearby.

Crescent Heights Park Playground
3rd St and 11 Ave. NW

If your kids like themed playgrounds, this one in Crescent Heights has a cute forest/tree theme (which matches nicely with the trees around the park that provide plenty of shade). There are lots of things to climb, as well as a twisty slide, insect-themed bouncers and swings (including baby swings).

Playgrounds in Calgary: The Southwest

Belmont Mounds of Fun Playground | belmontcalgary.com
483 Belmont Heath SW

This colourful playground on the south end of Calgary is sure to grab your kiddos’ attention, particularly if they love to climb. On top of the big, bright hills are tons of fun structures to climb onto, over and across. Big and little kids will both love scaling structures made for different ability levels. Because it’s a relatively new park, there’s not a ton of trees to provide shade, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind when visiting (slather on the sunscreen and don’t forget your hats!)

Sandy Beach Inclusive Playground | calgary.ca
4500 14A Street SW

Sandy Beach is a popular destination for Calgarians, especially in the warmer months of the year, when they can head down to the banks of the Elbow River to wade or launch a boat for floating. Recently, Sandy Beach also added an inclusive playground near the parking lot that has made the destination a favourite, no matter what time of year it is. Features of this playground include wheelchair accessible ramps, roller slides, fully accessible swings, merry-go-rounds, rocking rafts and zip lines, and climbers. There are also musical instruments like xylophones, and a musical toy with a jack for headsets or hearing devices to be plugged into to enable all children to hear their beautiful music!

Currie Barracks Airport Playground | currielife.ca
2953 Battleford Ave. SW

The airport-themed playground at Currie Barracks is one of our kids’ favourites. The airplane-themed climber at the end of the rubberized runway is great for imaginative play, and the huge metal slide at the top of the “control tower” will definitely have your kids racing to the top! The saucer swings and airplane bouncers are also a ton of fun.

Playgrounds in Calgary: The Southeast

Ramsay Inclusive Playground | parksfdn.com
811 Macdonald Avenue SE

The Ramsay Community Association has welcomed an incredible new accessible playground in partnership with the City of Calgary, the Parks Foundation, and Variety Alberta. The playground has many buzzworthy features, including two play spaces with inclusively designed play equipment, tons of spots to sit and take a break, natural features, and an unparalleled views of the city skyline. In addition, there’s a paved pathway to a two-tiered playground featuring ramps, a fully user-accessible spinner, slides and climbers for all children to enjoy.

East Village Crossroads Playground | evexperience.com
7 Ave. and 6 St., SE

This playground is close to Fort Calgary and St. Patrick’s Island and has a totally eye-catching design. With a mix of wooden and bright red metal structures, the park definitely stands out as something different than a typical playground. The roller slide is tons of fun for kids of all ages, and the wooden climbing structure is great for older kiddos perfecting their climbing and balancing skills.

South Glenmore Park | calgary.ca
90 Ave & 24 Street SW

The obvious draw to South Glenmore Park is the spray park, but there are also two really great playgrounds just a few steps away! Our kids love climbing on the spinning globe climber, the roller slide, and of course, the saucer swing. There are also tons of slides, a giant multi-kid spinner (today’s version of the merry-go-round), and a highly accessible play structure for kids with mobility concerns.

Walden Grove Playground
Walgrove Boulevard and Walgrove Gardens SE

Walden Grove is another Calgary park with a zip line – an attraction that’s always a huge draw for kids who are a little bit older. For kids like mine who love to slide, there are tons of slides of different heights to try out, including a small double slide for younger kids who always want to race.

Seton Playground (Also Known as “Elsa’s Tower”)
91 Seton Gardens SE

The inclusive playground in Seton has lovingly been nicknamed “Elsa’s Tower Playground” thanks to its giant blue tower – the perfect spot to belt out “Into the Unknown” before jumping into the tube slide. The covered seating area makes a great spot to sit on hot summer days, and the accessible flooring makes a safe place for all kids to play at any time of year. Accessible swings, slides and teeter totters have quickly made this park a YYC favourite.

What are your favourite playgrounds in Calgary? Are there some that didn’t make the list that should be added? We’d love to hear them in the comments!


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