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Looking to do something different with the kids? How about an activity that requires problem-solving, creativity and cooperation? And of course, something that’s filled with fun? Then consider looking at Toronto escape rooms! Wait, you’re not sure what exactly an escape room is? They are on-site, interactive experiences that feature a series of puzzles that need to be resolved in order to solve some big overarching mystery and “escape” from the space that participants have been locked into (don’t worry, you’re not actually locked in). Escape rooms always feature a storyline and some of them can get impressively elaborate!

Below we roundup 10 GTA and Toronto escape rooms that will challenge your family to (usually) solve a mystery in 60 minutes or less. While all these spots offer family-friendly experiences, keep in mind that escape rooms aren’t really meant for little kids. Unless we state otherwise, we recommend not bringing kids under seven. Also note that all the places listed below require that kids be accompanied by at least one adult per room.

Toronto Escape Rooms for Kids & Families

Captive Kids

3413 Wolfedale Rd., Unit #2, Mississauga

As the name suggests, this escape room is designed specifically for kids and their families. It features three different storylines—one built around ghosts, another focused on pirates and a third about a village struggling with a witch—all of which will appeal to participants of nearly all ages (it’s still best to leave non-school age kids at home). But while the puzzles are family-friendly, don’t expect them to be easy! Each storyline is designed for four to 12 players and can easily accommodate a birthday party full of kids. Currently Captive Kids is only open in Mississauga but it’s working on new locations in Toronto and Vaughan. Each non-birthday party slot costs $30 each.

Daydream Toronto

1803 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Calling itself, “Toronto’s only art installation escape room,” Daydream Adventures offers an experience that is both aesthetically and mentally challenging, but still kid-friendly. Choose from two different rooms, each with a unique storyline and set design. The Dream Portal, which accommodates three to seven people and needs to be solved within an hour, is set in an enchanted forest and has more of a fantasy feel. Meanwhile the Ice Cave, which accommodates three to eight people and is a little more challenging (you get an extra 30 minutes to solve this one), takes place in, “…a seemingly abandoned temple where powerful artifacts remain frozen.”

Access to the Dream Portal is $33 per person while the Ice Cave costs a little more, at $43 per person.


570 Bloor St. W., Toronto

Looking to entertain preteens and teenagers? Then Dreamscape’s highly immersive storylines might be a good fit. Designed for players ages 11 and up, The Abduction revolves around waking up onboard an alien spaceship. The team behind Dreamscape is also working on a new storyline called The Cavern, which will have your group working together to escape a cave. Both storylines are designed for four to eight players and the Abduction can have its difficulty levels adjusted and additional challenges are available for those families who are escape room experts. Dreamscape also features a café and lounge that offers board and arcade games, to add in even more fun. Admission starts at $50 per player, for a minimum two players, and decreases in cost as you book in more people.

Enigma Escape Room

30 Dundas St. W., 3rd Fl., Toronto

While some of Engima’s seven storylines are a bit too intense for the under-10 or even under-12 set, others, like Magic School or Pirate are great for school-age kids who have a sharp eye for details. The number of participants varies depending on the story your family picks, but most allow up to seven or nine players. All games are private—no playing with strangers—and guarantee an immersive experience. All slots are also $35 per person.


70 Yorkville Ave., Lower Level, Toronto

Kids ages six and up are welcome to check out any of E-Exit’s five storylines. While some themes are a bit darker, and more challenging, than others, this place does offer up Harry Potter and Star Wars-inspired storylines. Both of those rooms take between two and six participants. Birthday packages are available, but even more fun is that you can play at this escape room for free on your birthday or get 50 per cent off for the two days before and after your birthday. Regular pricing is $36 per person but kids ages 10 and under get 40 per cent off Sunday through Thursday, excluding public holidays.

The Imaginarium

116 Tycos Dr., Unit #4, Toronto

This highly reviewed escape room is known for its immersive and challenging storylines. Unfortunately, this means that it’s intended for players ages 13 and up but if you need a bonding activity to do with teens, a trip to North York might be in order. Three different storylines are currently available, including the extra-hard Steampunk Express (you get 75 minutes to solve that one). The Imaginarium’s easier two storylines, one about a haunted house and the other about a cursed ancient temple, are meant for four to 10 players and cost $35 to play, while the trickier third storyline is for four to six players and costs $39.50 per player. Note that none of these rooms are private unless you group fills up all of the slots.

Looking Glass Adventures

2944 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Three different storylines are available at this top-rated escape room. The first two, which involve exploring the collection of a renowned archeologist or being secret agents on a “dangerous” mission, are best for kids who are eight and older. The third option, which will have your family subduing the evil forces that have taken over a wizard shop, is recommended for kids 10 and up. Each storyline can host two to ten people and the first two choices can have their difficulty level scaled up with bonus puzzles. Birthday party packages are also available but note you’ll need to plan for food and cake elsewhere. Pricing starts at $28 for kids under 13.

Proxima Command

253 Christie Ave., Toronto

This place isn’t your typical escape room. Its Starship room is described as, “a fusion of escape room and video game like no other (that we know of),” and will give your family the experience of operating a spaceship to complete a mission. There’s also a second room, called The Space Station, that is more like your traditional escape. Each room can accommodate up to eight players and note that you might be partnered with strangers, depending on demand. Access to either room is $35 per person or pair them together for the ultimate space-themed mission and pay $70 per player.


330 Yonge St., 2nd floor, Toronto

With four of its five themed rooms labeled as “family friendly” (shockingly the room called Butcher’s Basement is not for kids), this downtown escape room gives you multiple reasons to check it out again and again. And given the success rates for the rooms —the easiest room has only a 50 per cent solve rate—you may need to come back. Available storylines include one where you’re ninja, another where you’re tomb raiders and another where you’re wrongfully convicted and on death row (maybe that one’s a better fit for older kids). All rooms are private and depending on the storyline, can host up to nine players. It’s also $33 per player.

Secret City Adventures

Casa Loma, 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto

How does solving an escape room inside of Toronto’s only castle sound? Like fun? Then you’ll want to book one of Secret City Adventure’s many storylines, all of which are delivered with the assistance of live actors. While some of those storylines, like the one about bootleggers, is restricted to kids ages 12 and up, others, like the mystery of the dragon’s song, can be played by kids as young as eight. All games can accommodate up to 12 players and you may find your family playing with strangers unless you fill up all 12 spots or opt for a private game (this option also lets younger kids participate). Pricing starts at $42 per person.


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