The Best Beaches near Ottawa for Families

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The best beaches in Ottawa to visit are perfect for families seeking sun-soaked adventures and quality time together. With a wide range of options available, you can explore a new beach each week, creating memories to last a lifetime. Whether you prefer tranquil and secluded spots or bustling beaches with abundant amenities, the Ottawa area offers something for everyone. Keep your beach bag in the car because are guaranteed to always be within close distance of a beach in the Ottawa area.

Best Beaches Near Ottawa for Families

Mooney’s Bay Beach

Made in an artificial bay, Mooney’s Bay Park features a man-made sandy beach along the Rideau River. It offers swimming, picnicking, and other recreational activities. Check out the water quality through Public Health before venturing out if you plan to swim.

Lac Philippe Beach

While not within Ottawa city limits, Lac Philippe is a popular beach located within Gatineau Park. The park offers a natural setting, sandy beach, and clear waters for swimming. While they are closed for camping this year the beach remains open and often the NCC has various family friendly programming to participate in.

Fitzroy Provincial Park

Located 45 minutes west of Ottawa, Fitzroy Provincial Park is known for its picturesque beach on the Ottawa River. The park offers swimming, hiking trails, and camping facilities. You can access via a day pass or spend the weekend here camping enjoying the full experience.

Britannia Beach

Located in the west end of Ottawa, Britannia is primarily known for its yacht club, there is a small sandy beach area 2 km’s down the road. It’s a pleasant spot to enjoy the river views, boat watch and take a dip. Don’t miss out on the fun playground at Andrew Hayden not too far away while you are in this area.

Meech Lake

Meech Lake, located within Gatineau Park, offers beautiful sandy beach and clear waters. It’s a popular spot for swimming, picnicking, and enjoying outdoor activities. With two beach locations, one with a bit of a further walk to access, you will find both are a popular spot for locals and visitors. Consider getting a NCC parking pass if you plan to beach hop throughout the summer.

Petrie Island Beach

Located in the eastern part of Ottawa, in Orleans along the Ottawa River, Petrie Island offers a sandy beach area where you can swim and enjoy the waterfront. It’s a popular spot during the summer months. Visit “The Friends of Petrie Island” to stay up to date with what is happening here, activities and programs, etc.

Westboro Beach

Another one of Ottawa’s main beaches is located centrally in Westboro along the Ottawa River. Westboro Beach is a small sandy area that attracts locals and visitors for relaxation and picnics. It’s a great place for a leisurely walk along the riverbank and if you are local it’s a great place to find your neighbours and catch up. Note, there are no lifeguards on duty this summer as the beach is only partly open as it undergoes redevelopment.

Baxter Conservation

Situated south of Ottawa in Kars, Baxter Conservation Area features a sandy beach along the shores of the Rideau River. It’s a great spot for swimming, canoeing, and picnicking. You will also find day camps, environmental programs and more as a part of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.

Constance Bay Beach

Constance Bay, located on the Ottawa River, offers a sandy beach and a charming community atmosphere. While Constance Bay is still within the City of Ottawa perimeter the beach is not maintained by the City of Ottawa and therefore there are no lifeguards on site.  It’s a favourite spot for locals to enjoy the waterfront, swim, and relax.

Lac Leamy

Under the NCC umbrella and located in Gatineau Lac Leamy offers great beach access and also a variety of amenities. With a playground on site, bbq’s to cook your own food, a snack shack if you prefer to purchase a bite to eat and canoe/kayak rentals this is really a one stop shop. There are 2 different parking options, with one being a bit more of a walk, so note which parking location you desire.

While this may not be the same as the beach options throughout the Outer Banks for hundreds of miles the Ottawa area has great options in the area to keep you cool, having fun and spending quality time together as a family. Discover the local gems that Ottawa has when it comes to great beaches!


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