Birthday Cakes

Kit Kat Birthday Cake Recipe - SavvyMom

Kit Kat Birthday Cake

This fun Kit Kat cake is perfect for all occasions—and for those who are less than confident about their cake decorating skills.

Spring Celebration Garden Cake

No celebration required to create this super-easy spring party cake. But you’ll feel liike celebrating any ol’ occasion with this cute flower design.

Mini Eggs Easter Cake Recipe - SavvyMom

Mini Eggs Easter Cake

If frosting a cake is not your forte, “decorating” this Easter cake with your favourite candy is easy and delicious. The Easter Bunny will be sure to stop by for a slice.

Teacup Birthday Cupcakes - SavvyMom

Teacup Birthday Cupcakes

Browse vintage and secondhand stores for fancy teacups. These teacup birthday cupcakes and a dessert and a party favour and a bowl all in one!

Baked Birthday Cake Donuts Recipe - SavvyMom

Baked Birthday Cake Donuts

If your kid isn’t a huge fan of traditional cakes, why not give these delicious and adorable birthday cake donuts a go?

How to Make a Football Cake (Without Using a Specialty Pan)

Knowing how to make a football cake without a fancy pan can be a beneficial skill. I’ve made one for birthday parties, school events, and a Super Bowl party…

Summer Birthday Cake Ideas - SavvyMom

6 Perfect Late Summer Birthday Cake Ideas

There’s nothing better than a summer birthday party! Here are 6 fun and fabulous summer birthday cake ideas.

Olympic Party Torch Cupcakes - SavvyMom

Torch Cupcakes

These adorable torch cupcakes are perfect for any Olympic-themed party. This recipe makes 40 mini cupcakes.

Decorating homemade birthday cakes

5 Things You Need to Decorate Beautiful, Simple Cakes

Become a cake master and learn to decorate beautiful, simple, un-fussy birthday cakes. Keep these 5 things on hand to make it easy.