6 Perfect Late Summer Birthday Cake Ideas

Summer Birthday Cake Ideas - SavvyMom

Sadly, neither of my children have a summer birthday, but if they did I know I wouldn’t hesitate to throw a fun summer birthday bash complete with a festive cake. And in searching through our archives, I’ve come to realize that we have a lot of fabulous summer birthday cake ideas that just might help you out in the coming month, if you happen to be planning a warm-weather celebration for one of your favourite little people.

The beauty of these cakes is that despite looking relatively impressive, they are all easy to put together, and don’t require specific baking or cake decorating skills.

6 Perfect Summer Birthday Cake Ideas

The Watermelon Birthday Cake: While we love (and highly recommend) the mighty watermelon itself, this delightful cake version is a perfect end to your picnic/outdoor feast and is sure to be the only time you’ll want the ants to join you.

The Swimming Pool Cake: Your little swimmers will dive right in to this delectable dessert.

Baseball Cupcakes: You’ll score points with the kids for making these simple cupcakes for your sports-themed party

Campground Birthday Cake: Outdoor enthusiasts will adore this cake designed for little campers. Especially if you love camping with kids!

The Western-Inspired Birthday Cake: Summer is the perfect season for a western-inspired soirée. This cake is pretty basic to make and only requires some fabric or ribbon to create the fancy cake toppers.

Hawaiian Luau Cupcakes: Variety in flavour and colour, not to mention simple decoration, is what makes these Hawaiian Luau Cupcakes so festive and fabulous and the perfect summer birthday treat.


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