Summer Party Idea: An Afternoon Ice Cream Social


A friend of a friend recently emailed me to see what I thought about the idea of an ice cream-themed party for her almost 5 year old. As the mama of four’€”soon to be five’€”kids, I knew she was probably thinking of something simple, fun and cost-effective.
I told her’€”in bold capital letters if I’€™m not mistaken’€”that I LOVE the idea of an ice cream-themed party. I think it’€™s great because the nature of the party means it doesn’€™t need to take place over the lunch or dinner hour. It actually works better if it can happen between meals, thereby making it inexpensive and easy. If you ask guests to come between 2’€“4 pm there is no expectation of a formal feeding, and the guests will clear out before dinner is ready.

My menu suggestions included the following: a DIY sundae bar, including cookie cups in place of bowls (don’€™t forget to pre-scoop the ice cream), fruit salad served in waffle cones and cupcakes baked in flat-bottomed ice cream cones (giving something to anchor the candles in), frosted in colourful swirls and topped with sprinkles.

For the decorations, everything can be kept fun and festive with balloon ice cream cone decorations or pom pom ice cream cones that can be scattered around the room.

Would you be so bold as to skip out on feeding your guests a hearty meal in place of something simple like this idea?


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