Canada Day Cake Balls

Cake Balls Recipe

My sister has a few signature desserts that she brings to our family gatherings, and her cake balls are definitely one of them. Inspired by the popular cake pops often found in coffee shops and bakeries, her version is far easier to execute, yet yields the same delicious results.

She tends to bring these to our annual Canada Day parties as the kids go crazy for them. They stand up well in the heat (just don’t place them in direct sunlight) and are easy to serve. They also look pretty on a platter and add a festive touch to the party.

Since these can be made with any flavour of cake or colour of candy coating, they are a great recipe to have in your back-pocket for any gathering with kids. Feel free to use orange and black for Halloween, yellow and purple for Easter, and a favourite colour for any birthday celebration.

See the full printable recipe for Canada Day Cake Balls.


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