Streaming in Canada: New Movies & Series for Families in June 

Movies and Series for Families Streaming in June - SavvyMom

It’s June, summer is finally here, and with it comes the end of school. That means you’ll probably need more distractions than ever as you try to balance that thing called life. Luckily, there are plenty of new movies and series for families and kids to get into, plus incoming selections for those of us who could really use something new to watch on family movie night already.

Read on to see everything we’re digging on Canadian streaming services this month.

What to Watch in June: Movies & Series for Families Streaming this Month

Every Body Curious (Season 3)
Streaming Now on Shaftesbury Kids YouTube Channel

Have trouble talking to the kids about sex and their bodies? Enter this genius series for families that’s aimed at kids aged nine to 12. The digital series is an open space where sex educators answer real questions from kids, sparking honest conversations about bodies, sexuality, and healthy relationships.

Generation Drag
June 1 on Discovery+

Scour the closets and find something fabulous to watch this new Tyra Banks-produced series in. The show follows five tweens and teens as they and their families prepare for the Dragutante—a ground-breaking drag ball for younger queens and kings.

Series for Families: The Strange Chores - SavvyMom

The Strange Chores (Season 2)
June 3 on CBC Gem

Why do regular old chores when you can complete odd, supernatural tasks? That’s the premise behind this animated kids series from some of the creatives behind Bluey. The show follows two aspiring warrior-heroes and a ghost girl who sharpen their skills so they can replace an aging monster-slayer. Twenty-six episodes are currently available to stream, and the second season comes in hot this month.

Floor is Lava
June 3 on Netflix

If you need a break from the kids using your cushions and furniture as stepping stones to play this popular game (or on the flip side, if you want to encourage it), head on over to Netflix. There, the second season of the competition show drops this month. Rutledge Wood hosts as contestants try to reach a goal without falling into booby-trapped rooms filled with “lava.”

Surviving Summer: Series for Families - SavvyMom

Surviving Summer
June 3 on Netflix

Older kids and teens may want to mark their calendars for the debut of this Australian drama, in which a New Yorker named Summer (Sky Katz) gets expelled from not one, but two private schools. So her parents send her to Australia to live with friends in a tiny town, where she can’t help but fall in love with the scenery and people.

Ms. Marvel: Series for Families - SavvyMom

Ms Marvel
June 8 on Disney+

This month the MCU introduces its first Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan. The New Jersey teen is all about gaming, fan-fiction and, of course, Captain Marvel. She often feels as though she doesn’t fit in, but when she discovers she has superpowers, her entire worldview shifts.

Charlie’s Colorforms City: Mighty Movie Adventure
June 13 on Netflix

Creator Angela Santomero (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) is back with another installment of this colorforms-inspired series for families to teach preschoolers all about the world. This movie-themed release includes a dinosaur island and a robot galaxy. Need more episodes to satiate the kids? A new season of the show also drops on the same day.

Dead End: Paranormal Park
June 16 on Netflix

Two teens and a talking pug named Pugsley team up to tackle demons at a haunted theme park in this kid-friendly animated series, aged at those seven-and-up. It’s based on the graphic novel series DeadEndia and features everything from zombies and witches to game show hosts. If your kid is particularly sensitive to horror you may want to skip it, otherwise it looks like a lot of fun.

Movies for Families: Father of the Bride - SavvyMom

Father of the Bride
June 16 on Crave

If you’ve got older kids and are looking for a family-friendly comedy this month, consider this third iteration of Father of the Bride. This version revolves around a Cuban-American family fronted by Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan. Adria Arjona and Diego Boneta play the happy betrothed.

Fantastic Friends
June 17 on Crave

If you are a family of Potterheads then you’ll definitely want to note this incoming series starring James and Oliver Phelps, a.k.a. the Weasley twins from the Harry Potter franchise. In this show, they travel the world and take on magical adventures, hitting up countries like Ireland, Iceland, and Czechia to meet spellbinding guests and explore enchanting cities. All six episodes drop at once.

The Summer I Turned Pretty
June 17 on Prime Video

This coming-of-age teen series is based on the New York Times bestselling book series of the same name by Jenny Han (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before). It follows a girl named Belly (Lola Tung) whose family takes residence in the same beach house every summer. Except this year, Belly finds herself in the middle of a surprising love triangle with the boys next door.

Sing 2
June 24 on Crave

Buster Moon and the other animal performers are back for a second go-around of this animated singing extravaganza as they prep to launch a show in the entertainment capital of the world. The only problem? They have to persuade one of the world’s most reclusive rock stars to join them.

Disney+ Rise - SavvyMom

June 24 on Disney +

Sporty fams will be all-in on Disney’s latest based-on-real-life tale, which traces the story of NBA brothers Kostas, Giannis, and Thanasis Antetokounmpo. Their family emigrated from Nigeria to Greece before eventually coming to America, where their lives were forever changed thanks to their love of the game.

Disney+ Baymax! - SavvyMom

June 29 on Disney+

Everyone’s favourite healthcare bot is back with his very own series, continuing his helpful antics from Big Hero 6. Scott Adsit returns as the title character while Maya Rudolph plays Aunt Cass.


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