Easy Movie Night Ideas for Your Next Family Night In

Family movie night

A family movie night at home is one of the best ways to have a relaxed evening filled with quality time together. Even better, it’s easy as pie to throw together! If you want to add a little extra fun without it taking a lot of work (because sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy), here are a few simple ideas for your next family movie night.

Agree on a Family-Friendly Flick Ahead of Time

Choosing your movie ahead of time gives everyone a chance to agree, which means there won’t be any surprises (or disagreements) when it comes time to sit back and watch your flick. Make a list of some new releases as well as some classics (think: The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Princess Bride, to name a few) and take a family vote!

Set Up a Self-Serve Popcorn Bar

It’s not a movie night without popcorn and there’s nothing easier than popping a bag in the microwave. Orville Microwave Popcorn is not only delicious, it’s also a wholesome snack with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, plus it’s gluten-free, a high source of fibre, and it’s made with 100% whole grain popcorn. Set up a popcorn bar with bowls and a few extra treats so the kids can make their own snack. Or, when you’re feeling extra generous, toss together this easy Movie Theater Popcorn Candy Bowl and serve. Everyone will love it (and you)!

Make It Themed

Dressing up can be fun! To amp up the evening, pick an easy-to-put together theme based on the movie you’re watching. If it’s a superhero movie, you can put on old costumes, if you’re watching Harry Potter, throw on scarves and paint lightning bolts on your foreheads. Be creative and have fun.

Have Your Kids Make Signs & Tickets

Kids love crafts, so keep them busy while you’re setting up with making movie signs and “Admit One” tickets for the big night. They’ll enjoy being crafty and you’ll enjoy the time to get the movie and snacks all ready to go.

Plan for an Intermission

If you’ve got really little ones, they may need a break. Plan for an intermission ahead of time for a stretch, a bathroom break, maybe a chance to refill snacks and even just to shake the sillies out. It’ll help make the whole evening run a little smoother.

Have Fun with the Seating

Family Movie Night

Pull out sleeping bags, extra pillows, blankets, or maybe even pop a small tent—and set up some extra comfy seating. This way you can get comfy on the couch, or spread out on the floor. Just try not to fall asleep!

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