Heather Dixon


Heather Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of SavvyMom.ca, a writer and a Mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her). She’s also a runner, a reader and a lover of wine and beer - which is why she runs.

8 Things I Learned When My Husband Took Paternity Leave - SavvyMom

8 Things I Learned When My Husband Took Paternity Leave

By Heather Dixon / November 8, 2023

The five of us—my husband and I and our three young daughters, all too young for school yet—were home together for four straight months. That time alone shaped our little family dynamic and I learned a lot.

In Defence of Pink Toys - SavvyMom

In Defence of Pink Toys

By Heather Dixon / October 14, 2023

My kids love spending time with family and friends, experiencing new things, and going on adventures. But they also love toys. Pink toys.

How Much Should Your Kids Be Reading This Summer?

By Heather Dixon / July 5, 2023

The phenomenon of summer learning loss, how many books should your kids be reading in the summer, the dangers of apps, and some great book recommendations.

Recipes to Bake During Lockdown

10 Easy Recipes Perfect for Beginner Bakers

By Heather Dixon / May 3, 2023

If you’re looking for something to do with kids to keep them busy and engaged, here are 10 of our favourite easy recipes for beginner bakers.

Whole Wheat Carrot Applesauce Muffins - SavvyMom

Whole Wheat Carrot Applesauce Muffins

By Heather Dixon / January 9, 2023

These light and wholesome carrot applesauce muffins are a delicious snack my kids gobble up. They also make a great addition to school lunches. Perfection.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Heather Dixon / September 7, 2022

I can’t stop eating these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They’re REALLY good – and they’re a treat I’m happy to put in my kids’ lunches.

How to Protect Your Kids from Tick Bites - SavvyMom

Tick Bites: How to Protect Your Kids & What to Do if They Get One

By Heather Dixon / May 4, 2022

We talked to a professional to find out how to avoid ticks and tick bites, what you can do to help protect your kids, and where the high-risk areas are.

10 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Give to Yourself

By Heather Dixon / April 20, 2022

When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s nice to get a little something you’ve always wanted. For that, Moms, you’ll likely have to get it yourself. Go ahead and treat yourself with these ideas.

Starting a basic skin care routine - SavvyMom

5 Essentials for Starting a Basic Skin Care Routine

By Heather Dixon / March 8, 2022

I started having more and more issues with my skin, so I decided to do something about it. Here’s my new, basic skin care routine…

10 Things for Families to Do Together Over the Holiday Break

By Heather Dixon / December 19, 2021

Now is the time (again) to hunker down at home. Here are 10 ideas for things for families to do together over the holiday break.