10 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Give to Yourself

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There is no denying that homemade cards and crafts and little ‘All About My Mommy’ questions filled out at school are super cute. They’re sweet and touching and never fail to make us shed a few tears. But when it comes to Mother’s Day—our ONE day—it’s also nice to get a little something extra. Something we’ve wanted for a while. For that, Moms, you’ll likely have to get it yourself.

And why not? We should treat ourselves.

Here are 10 Mother’s Day gifts you can give to yourself this year. You totally deserve it.

1. Fancy skincare products

With motherhood comes a lack of sleep and a lot of dark circles. It also feels like there’s less and less time to focus on ourselves. But it’s definitely a time in our lives when we need to take care of ourselves. Before having kids, I would have never invested in expensive skincare products. And then I had three kids and got closer and closer to 40. I recently discovered Drunk Elephant and now I’m obsessed. Their day serum, night serum, and hydration gel might have completely changed my life. (Slightly dramatic, I know. But I love how soft my skin is now.)

‘The Littles’ set is a nice intro to a wide range of their products, so you can figure out what works best for you.

$64, available at Sephora

2. A gorgeous new piece of jewelry

Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a great piece of jewelry. I love simple but elegant pieces that are versatile, while also making me feel stylish and sophisticated. Here are a few great pieces from Swarovski that you can gift yourself and feel great about.

Latisha Flower Pendant

This necklace has a shimmering black crystal on one side and white crystal on the other and comes on a rhodium-plated chain. Simple and stunning.

$139, available at Swarovski stores and Swarovski.com

Lattitude Pierced Earrings

These modern rhodium-plated earrings give you everyday glam—so you can elevate your look for work or evenings or even your weekends. I love the classic crystals.

$119, available at Swarovski stores and Swarovski.com

Gabriella Pearl Set

This set is pure elegance. It includes both a necklace and matching pierced earrings with a delicate silhouette. Sophisticated and timeless.

$199, available at Swarovski stores and Swarovski.com


3. A new book (and the time to read it!)

There’s something so relaxing about snuggling up in bed, or on a couch with a blanket, or in a quiet corner of a bookshop, with a great new read. Give yourself the gift of time to unwind with a book. It’s one of my favourite gifts. Right now, I can’t wait to dive into these:

  • Let Me Lie, by Clare Mackintosh, available at Indigo
  • Sofie & Cecilia, by Katherine Ashenburg, available at Amazon
  • The Break, by Marian Keyes, available at Indigo

4. Luxurious pajamas

I basically live in my pjs from 6 pm on every night (out of the leggings, into the loose-fit incredibly soft pj pants, thanks very much!) So why not invest in a luxurious pair? It makes sense to me. The stuff from Lusomé is like wearing butter. Their pieces start at $58 and go up from there—and they’re worth every penny.

$58-$120, available at lusome.com

5. A gratitude journal

Gratitude goes a long way to making you feel happier, more peaceful and relaxed. I love the ease of the 5 Minute Journal. Simple and effective.

$32, available at Indigo

6. Time alone

Sometimes just being alone is enough. To do anything you want. (Even just grocery shopping alone feels all kinds of relaxing!) But, it’s even better if it can be at the spa. I love a chance to lay down under a warmed blanket, listening to nature sounds while getting a facial. I may or may not have snorted myself awake a few times during a really good one. Just saying.

Book ahead at your local spa to get the perfect day and time!

7. A clean house (not cleaned by you)

Lots of cleaning services offer one-time cleanings—and I truly feel like walking into a clean home (that I didn’t touch) is worth its weight in gold. I always say that if I were rich, I’d have a regularly cleaned house with fresh flowers everywhere. Not going to happen… but at least I can give myself the gift of cleanliness.

Available at a local cleaning service near you.

8. Wine delivery

Is there really any need to elaborate on this point? Well, okay… If you get a subscription to the Wine Collective, they’ll ship a curated collection of wines to you each month. Yes. Please.

From $57/month, available at winecollective.ca

9. An easy-peasy mealtime

You might not be able to guarantee they’ll eat it all, but at least you can make the prep work a heck of a lot easier. We love the grocery pickup service offered at Loblaws and Walmart stores across Canada. Or, try having it delivered right to your door with a service like Hello Fresh. Check at least one errand off your list!

From approximately $75, available at hellofresh.ca

10. Something floral

Just for fun, and because it’s spring, why not celebrate yourself with something cute and floral? I’m a big fan of Indigo bags, wallets and scarves, and this floral Mother’s Day tote is made for us!

$40, available at Indigo


This post was brought to you by Swarovski but the opinions are our own.


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