Perfect Grilled Steak Dinners 101


Start the BBQ! It’s time to grill the perfect steak!

The ultimate steak dinner is within your grasp with our top five steak picks plus advice for the perfect grilled steak pairings depending on the cut. Bon appetit!


Prized as the ultimate by many steak aficionados, the rib-eye is loved for its generous marbling and rich smooth texture. A rib steak without the bone, it is cut from between the rib and chuck section.

Due to the marbling, it is tender, flavourful and extremely juicy. Best grilled to medium-rare but this premium cut will remain tender if served at medium.

Pair with: We love a rib-eye with a classic caesar salad with crispy pancetta and a wild mushroom and leek sauce.


The tenderloin is arguably the most expensive and tender of the summer steaks. Also known as a filet mignon, it is characterized by minimal intramuscular fat and a silky texture. It comes from the short loin, between the rib and the sirloin.

Tenderloins pair beautifully with classic French ingredients like those found in steak au poivre.

Pair with: Steak au poivre could be the perfect pairing for any tenderloin steak.

Strip Loin

The strip loin is one of the most popular cuts of beef, and most often has a hefty price to match. Not nearly as tender as the rib-eye or tenderloin, it is cut from the strip loin part of the sirloin. The amount of marbling is key as succulence increases with the amount of marbling. It is best served medium-rare.

Pair with: We love a strip-loin with lemon and thyme Yukon Gold frites and a classic Bernaise sauce.


The porterhouse is the T-bone’s older sibling and merges the strip-loin and the filet into one massive steak. It seems to favour being grilled at a continuous medium-high heat. This truly is a meal for two.

Pair with: Classic butter mashed potatoes or cripsy oven roasted potatoes.


Named for its distinguishing T-shaped bone, this cut of beef is almost identical to the porterhouse; only the filet side is smaller. Built for grilling, the generous amounts of fat keep it moist, while its tenderloin heart remains tender and succulent.

Pair with: Balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes


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