Splash Pads & Wading Pools in Toronto

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If you’re in need of a way to beat the heat, Toronto splash pads and wading pools are up and running!

In Toronto, wading pools have several inches of standing water, and therefore require on-site lifeguards who supervise and maintain the pool on a standard schedule. Toronto wading pools are open from the end of June until the September long weekend.

Splash pads in the city usually feature rotating “sprayers” that are operated by a button. They open in mid-May and stay turned on until mid-September. Click here for complete information on Toronto wading pools and click here for more information on Toronto splash pads.

Both attractions are can be found across the city and are one of the best and cheapest (almost all are free to access) ways to entertain your kids in hot weather. This summer, the City of Toronto asks residents to remember while visiting a park, beach, or public square to practice physical distancing and keep two metres (or six feet) away from people who are not from your household. Residents should not use a splash pad if feeling ill, should practice good hand hygiene, and should return another time if the splash pad or wading pool is crowded.

Here are a few of our favourite Toronto splash pads and wading pools:

Alexandra Park

Last year this splash pad got a nautical-themed makeover. Now it features a boat-shaped play structure, colourful sprayers and giant water guns (which have been smartly engineered so that they can’t spray the sheltered seating area). Note that the neighbouring outdoor pool is closed for repairs in 2019 but the adjacent playground is up and running.

275 Bathurst St.
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Bridlewood Park

This Scarborough-area park is a hit with locals thanks to its many kid-friendly features including one of the most beloved Toronto splash pads that’s generally active without being jam-packed with children. There’s also a playground and proper washroom facilities.

445 Huntingwood Dr.
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Centre Island Splash Pad

One of the city’s best summer destinations has a wonderful splash pad. Featuring an imaginative “forest” theme, this spot is conveniently located near Centreville Amusement Park. And don’t forget that the island is home to several other kid-friendly water features including a wading pool inside the amusement park.

More info here

Christie Pits Park Wading Pool

One of Toronto’s best-known parks is home to a maze-inspired wading pool that also offers some great (and much appreciated) shade. The park also features the Alex Duff Memorial Pool, an outdoor pool that contains a waterslide that’s perfect for older kids and a smaller pool for little ones.

750 Bloor St. W
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Corktown Common Splash Pad

While many of the splash pads on this list go for the bright and bold look, this one aims for a natural feel, well, as natural as an urban splash pad can get. That same style extends to the neighbouring playground. Note that this park is best visited on an overcast day because, despite its natural aesthetic, it’s short on shady trees.

155 Bayview Ave.
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Earl Bales Park Splash Pad

This massive park houses a colour-packed splash pad and not one but two different playgrounds to entertain your kids once they tire of the water. There’s lots of space for picnics and real washrooms.

4169 Bathurst St.
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Hendon Park Splash Pad

With its towering, palm tree-like sprayers, Hendon Park’s splash pad is like a trip to the tropics, just with a concrete pad instead of sand. While this park can get pretty busy, the large splash pad usually has no problems accommodating its many visitors. It’s located just a short walk from Finch station, making this a good spot to visit if your family is determined to explore Toronto this summer.

40 Eldora Ave.
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High Park Splash Pad

It’s only natural that the jewel of Toronto’s park system contains one of the city’s top splash pads. Here your kids can get wet playing under large, cartoon flowers while you seek shade from the nearly as comical giant umbrellas. Note that this splash pad is located inside the High Park outdoor pool and therefore is only open when the pool is open.

8 Wendigo Way
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Bright, colourful, and packed with features, this spot is no mere splash pad, it’s, “the only water park operated by the City of Toronto.” It’s also home to a large tipping bucket, a wading pool, and a nice grassy area where your family can lounge once they’re all played out. Just a warning that this place can get packed so try to arrive early.

3159 Birchmount Rd.
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Marie Curtis Park Splash Pad & Wading Pool

One of Toronto’s craziest splash pads can be found at this lakeside destination, where tall, multi-hued sprayers that some have described as creatures out of a Dr. Seuss book will douse your kids with water. The park also features a wading pool.

2 Forty Second St.
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Oriole Park Splash Pad & Wading Pool

Do your kids want a splash pad, a wading pool, and a cool, accessible playground? Then East York’s Oriole Park is your spot for summer fun. It’s also packed with shady trees for the parents. The park recently underwent a renovation and now boasts freshly updated washrooms.

201 Oriole Parkway
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Toronto Zoo’s Splash Island

Since the City of Toronto technically runs the Toronto Zoo, we feel this splash pad and wading pool can be included on the list even if it’s not free. To access Splash Island, you have to pay the standard admission to the zoo, which starts at $19. Once there, you and your kids can amuse yourself at fun animal-themed waterpark that features small slides, a wading pool, and plenty of other ways to relax and cool off.

2000 Meadowvale Road

Woodbine Park Splash Pad

Given this park’s by-the-lake location, its pond-themed splash pad is a natural fit. Here your kids can get wet thanks to sprayers dressed up as giant dragonflies, cattails and a frog. There’s also a real-life pond nearby, not to mention Lake Ontario, if your kids want to wrap their park-outing up with a bit of actual nature.

1695 Queen St. E
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