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Are you looking for the perfect park for the skater, scooter rider, or BMXer in your family to perfect their skills? We’ve got great news! Regardless of what part of the city you live in, it’s likely that there’s a skatepark in Calgary not too far away. Whether your kiddo is looking for rails, bowls, quarterpipes, or just some smooth concrete to cruise around on, we’ve rounded up a list of skateparks in Calgary and the surrounding areas for them to check out.

As the wife of a longtime skateboarder, our kids have had the benefit of spending time at the skatepark, surrounded by skaters since they were little. If you are looking to break into the skatepark scene, frequent users of the park would like you know that there is room at the skatepark for everyone, whether they’re riding a skateboard, scooter, or BMX (bikers and scooter riders may also want to check out some of the awesome pump tracks around the city as well!)

The skatepark can be a busy place, filled with people moving at high speeds. So, when you visit, make sure that you and your kids are aware of your surroundings at all times. Runaway skateboards are a common occurrence, so remind your kiddos to listen and watch out for other riders as well as for themselves. Helmets, pads, and proper footwear are highly recommended. If you aren’t sure how to approach certain obstacles, or just want to get a feel for how to best use the park, take a few moments to watch the people using it when you arrive.

It’s also important to remember that any garbage or spills can become a hazard if they’re left behind, so keep snacks and drinks off of the park itself during your visit!

For more information about the skateparks in Calgary from our list and the Calgary skateboard scene in general, be sure to check out CASE, The City of Calgary and

Skateparks in Calgary: Northeast

Genesis Centre Skatepark

7555 Falconridge Blvd NE

The Genesis Skatepark opened in 2019 and is located next to the Saddletowne YMCA. It’s the first skatepark located in the Northeast quadrant of the city and includes obstacles such as bowls, rails, stairs, ledges, and more.

Skateparks in Calgary: Northwest

Huntington Hills Skatepark

Centre St. & 64th Ave. N.W. – Open 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Huntington Hills park was completed in 2016 and is a very popular park amongst skateboarders in Calgary, thanks to its huge bowl, variety of of transitions, and abundance of street style obstacles. It’s a great park for riders of all ability levels to practice their skills! Since it’s a large park, there is lots of room to cruise around.

Bowness Community Skatepark

4324 – 77 St. N.W.

Bowness park is a smaller park which can get busy with lots of skaters, but it’s a great place to try something different, thanks to its variety of obstacles.

Carrington Skate Spot

Carrington Blvd. & 140th Ave. N.W.​

Carrington Skatespot is a great place to practice your street skating skills. The spot has two quarterpipes, ledges, and a volcano, as well as an overhead sculpture that makes for some pretty awesome photos.

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Royal Oak Rocky Ridge Skatepark

11300 Rocky Ridge Rd NW, Calgary

Located adjacent to the Shane Homes YMCA, the Rocky Ridge skatepark is one of Calgary’s newest parks. Obstacles include banks, ledges, quarterpipes, a bowl and a down rail. It’s a great spot for beginners and intermediate skaters.

Skateparks in Calgary: Southeast

Midnapore Skate Spot

50 Midpark Rise S.E. – Open 5 am -11 pm

Our family loves the park in Midnapore thanks to its mellow obstacles which include ledges, banks, pillars and a quarterpipe. It’s a popular spot for families and also has two great playgrounds nearby in case you get tired of skating!

New Brighton Skatepark

5801 130th Ave. S.E. – Open 5 a.m. -11 p.m

New Brighton is a great park for all skaters since it has both street style obstacles and a variety of bowls to ride. There are stairs, rails, ledges, a manny pad, banks and more.

The Compound

840 26 Ave SE – Currently open for lessons, private sessions & camps. Drop in hours to start again soon.

The Compound is Calgary’s only indoor skate-only spot. The park is available for lessons and private bookings, as well as skate camps, and have drop in hours, which can be found at their website. Obstacles include a half pipe, quarterpipes, ledges, stairs, rails, and more.

Image via Deigan Millikan

Deer Run Skate Spot

2223 146th Ave. S.E. – Open 5 am -11 pm

Deer Run Skatespot is primarily a street-style park, with obstacles like rails, ledges, quarterpipes, and an up-gap. It’s a nice park with many features you’d expect to find in larger parks.

Skateparks in Calgary: Southwest

Shaw Millennium Park

1220 9th Ave. S.W. – Open 24 hours

Built in 2000, Millennium is Calgary’s oldest skatepark and Canada’s largest at 75,000 square feet. The park is open 24 hours a day and attracts a variety of skaters from all over the city. There is a large variety of obstacles including bowls, a fullpipe, rails, banks, stairs, ledges and more.

Southwood Skatepark

11 Sackville Dr. S.W. – Open 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Southwood is considered to be one of the best parks in Calgary by seasoned skaters thanks to its variety of obstacles and well-though out design. There are bowls and street obstacles, such as ledges, stairs, and rails. The park is located near the Southwood Community Centre, two playgrounds, and a tennis court.

Image via Matthew Allen

Woodbine Skatespot

36 Woodborough Rd SW

This small skatespot is located next to the tennis and basketball courts in the community of Woodbine. With a couple of ramps and ledges, it’s a great spot to learn the ropes since it doesn’t get super busy!

CKE Skatespot

1015 73rd Ave. .S.W. – Open 5 a.m. – 11 p.m.

CKE is a skatespot brought to you by the communities of Chinook Park, Kelvin Grove, and Eagle Ridge (hence the nickname, CKE) This is a very popular spot among seasoned skaters, who enjoy the small transitions, quarterpipe, ledges, manny pad, flat bars and more. There are also two playgrounds and a tennis court nearby, which make it a great spot for a family outing.

Do you have favourite skateparks in Calgary? We’d love to hear about them, as well as what you love about them in the comments!


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