Child Care

How to Know if Your Child Is Ready to Stay Home Alone

Your son or daughter may be twelve going on twenty some days, but are they ready to stay home alone? Here’s how to make sure they stay safe while enjoying their newfound independence.

Best Foods for Starting Baby on Solids - SavvyMom

The Best First Foods When Starting Baby on Solids

Starting baby on solids can be exciting, fun, and messy. Here are the best first foods for starting baby on solid food.

Picky Eating or Eating Disorder: ARFID - SavvyMom

ARFID: When Picky Eating Becomes an Eating Disorder

There is a line between where “normal” picky eating ends and an eating disorder you’ve probably never heard of begins. It’s called ARFID.

What to Do About Enuresis aka Bedwetting - SavvyMom

Everything You Need to Know About Enuresis aka Bedwetting

Ahhh, Enuresis. Otherwise known as bedwetting. What is considered normal when it comes to nighttime bladder control? And how can we help?

Baby Sleep Regression

Baby Sleep Regressions and What to Do About Them

You may have heard about the dreaded baby sleep regressions. You might be going through one right now. Here’s what they are and here’s what to do.

Signs Your Child Needs Glasses - SavvyMom

5 Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Signs that your child needs glasses aren’t always as clear-cut as seeing them squint or mentioning blurry vision. Here’s what to look for…

Dressing Kids for Success with Sensory Processing Disorder - SavvyMom

Dressing Kids for Success with Sensory Processing Disorder

Getting kids dressed in the morning can feel like a battle. When your child has Sensory Processing Disorder, this feeling intensifies.

understanding the power of skin to skin contact and why you should have a hug plan

The Power of Hugs and Skin-to-Skin Contact for Babies and Moms

Hugs, and skin-to-skin contact, can stabilize a baby’s heart rate, promote weight gain, and lower their response to pain—which is why it’s so important to have a hug plan.

How to Find Child Care in Canada

The process of finding child care can be extremely daunting. Where do you even start? What are your options, what…