10 Kids Books for Pride Month - SavvyMom

10 Picture Books to Celebrate Pride Month with Your Little Ones

Showing diverse families, encouraging kids to act with respect and love, and empowering them to be true to themselves, these kids’ books for Pride month contain beautiful nuggets of wisdom.

Mama's Cloud is a kids book to help children with depressed parents - SavvyMom

A Kids’ Book to Help Children Understand Depressed Parents

Mama’s Cloud tells the story of a young child trying to navigate the world with a mother who suffers from depression. It can help children understand depressed parents.

Books To Help Kids Deal With Divorce

Books About Divorce to Help Kids Cope

These days, there’s a wide variety of books that deal with divorce and separation so kids can see themselves in what they read.

Kids' Books That Celebrate Love for Valentine's Day - SavvyMom

Kids’ Books That Celebrate Love

Cuddle up with stories about love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. These kids’ books that celebrate love are sweeter than any chocolate heart.

Author Heather Dixon - SavvyMom

A Peek into the World of Author Heather Dixon and the Inspiration Behind “Burlington”

Enjoy this exclusive glimpse into the world of author Heather Dixon and discover the inspiration behind her first release, Burlington. Plus! A sneak peek at her upcoming projects.

Kids Books Grown Ups Love Too - SavvyMom

12 Kids Books Grown Ups Love Too

It’s time to get their brains in gear and their imaginations lit. Start with these kids books grown ups love too and maybe you’ll both be inspired to read a little more…

Children’s Books That Celebrate Multiculturalism

Looking to explore the diversity of cultures, languages, and food traditions in our country? Here are a few fantastic picks for your next bedtime story.

Kids Books for Women's History Month

10 Children’s Books for Women’s History Month

Celebrate the impact women have had in shaping the history of our nation and beyond with these kids’ books for Women’s History Month.

6 New Books for Your Spring Reading List - SavvyMom

6 New Books to Read this Spring

Here’s 6 new books you can take to read on the park bench while your kids play, to enjoy during a lazy day picnic, or to just curl up on the couch with.