How Safe is Your Home? 12 Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Safer Around the House

Whether you follow every rule to the letter, or just want to inform yourself on what you could do around the house, here are a whole bunch of ways you can help make your home safer for your family.

Simple Phrases Your Kids Can Use to Diffuse a Cyberbullying Situation

As our kids enter the online and social media world more and more, it’s never too early to discuss family internet rules, how to stay safe online and how to speak up when needed.

Make Sure Your Kids Know About this Potentially Life-Saving Feature in Smartphones

All iPhones and Android phones come with a built-in Emergency Call function. Know how to access it, and teach your child to use it.

The Fort McMurray Wildfire: How to Help and How to Protect Your Family in an Emergency

Image via: Alberta RCMP Our hearts go out to all the families displaced by the wildfire raging around Fort McMurray.…

5 Ways to Save a Life

Your children are your greatest cause for concern, and for good reason: there is no end to the things that may occur. Here are five ways you can learn what to do in a crisis, so you can rest (a bit) easier.