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Serving Dessert with Dinner Eliminated Our Family’s Mealtime Struggles

At first I thought this was crazy. Won’t this actually create mealtime struggles? Once I learned why you serve dessert with the meal, it made sense.

Five New Cookbooks We Can't Wait to Read

Five New Cookbooks We Can’t Wait to Read

The hottest cookbooks hitting shelves this spring.

12 Best Cookbooks for Parents of Babies and Toddlers

12 Best Cookbooks for Parents of Babies and Toddlers

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or someone new to the kitchen, these 12 cookbooks make preparing healthy, nutritious, and varied meals for your toddler or baby easy.

What You Need to Know Right Now About Feeding Your Baby Peanuts

New guidelines released this week recommend parents feed babies peanut-based foods as early as six months of age. Evidence suggests that doing so could help prevent peanut allergies. This is a change from previous advice that suggested introducing peanut-based products before toddler-age could actually lead to a peanut allergy.

How to Celebrate Everything

I’m currently obsessed with Jenny Rosenstrach’s new book How to Celebrate Everything. This warm and inspiring collection of recipes and ideas is a guide to helping families slow down, capture the moments that matter and eat well while doing so. If you have any interest in learning more about how to turn birthdays, holidays and everyday occasions into cherished family traditions you’ll want to snap up this book ASAP.

Lick Your Plate: A Lip-Smackin’ Book for Every Home Cook

One of the very best parts of my job is that I get to read, cook from, and review the…

Cheerios Keep Getting Better: Now Gluten Free

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Right? Like Cheerios. The tasty little o’s in the bright…

Kids in the Kitchen: The Forest Feast for Kids

If we really want our kids to grow up loving good food that they can shop for, prepare, and cook…

Sweetapolita’s Sprinkle Shop

Sweetapolita’s Sprinkle Shop is a small Canadian company that sells vibrant, candy-like sprinkles that will take your cakes, cupcakes, and cookies to new levels.