Moms and Cannabis


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These picnic sandwiches stand up to the rigours of traveling and improve the longer they sit. Without further ado here are 10 picnic-friendly sandwiches…

How to Talk to Your Kids About Cannabis & Alcohol

As we celebrate the possibilities of a post-pandemic world, learning how to talk to your kids about cannabis and alcohol is as important as ever.

Canna-Curious? This is What it’s Like to Visit an (Illegal) Dispensary

Since my first visit, I’ve become somewhat of a “canna-tourist,” as well, and have not only visited numerous illegal dispensaries in Toronto, where I live, but also in places like Palm Springs, Venice Beach, and San Francisco, where dispensaries are legal.

Parenting Has Gone to Pot: Why So Many Moms Are Getting High (Including Me!)

Why are so many moms now parenting on pot?