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Things to Do in Calgary in June - SavvyMom

Family Friendly Activities to Check Out in Calgary in June

There’s tons of family fun to be had in Calgary in June, both inside and outdoors! You won’t want to miss a minute of the entertainment in store. Let’s go!

Professional Women's Hockey League - SavvyMom

Empowering Children Through Sport: The Pivotal Role of the PWHL

The Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) is serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for young female athletes.

Fun Winter Activities in Ottawa - SavvyMom

Family New Year’s Eve Fun + Things to Do Around Ottawa in January

We know families need winter activities in Ottawa in January and beyond. Here are some ways to spend time together, even during the coldest days.

Swimming Lessons in Toronto - SavvyMom

Where to Go for Swimming Lessons in Toronto

Getting into swimming lessons in Toronto can be tough, we figured that families would appreciate having a nice, wide range of options.

Swimming Lessons in Calgary - SavvyMom

Where to Go for Swimming Lessons in Calgary

With such high demand for swimming lessons in Calgary, it’s important to know all of your options to get your kids signed up.

Swimming Lessons in Ottawa - SavvyMom

Best Places for Swimming Lessons In Ottawa

Looking to make a splash? Discover the best places for swimming lessons in Ottawa!

Swimming Lessons in Vancouver - SavvyMom

Where to Go for Swimming Lessons in Vancouver

Learning to swim is a valuable life skill and a fun activity to participate in year ’round. There are a variety of options for swimming lessons in Vancouver at all swim levels and experiences.

Calgary: The Savvy Guide to August - SavvyMom

Calgary: The Savvy Guide to August

From road trips and streaming tips, and just a teensy bit of organizing, our Savvy Guide to August in Calgary can help make the second half of your summer a blast.

Best Toboggan Hills in Calgary - SavvyMom

15 Great (City Approved) Toboggan Hills in Calgary

Sledding is serious stuff, with bylaws cracking down on rogue riders. Fortunately, there are 22 designated toboggan hills in Calgary, spread across the city.

The Savvy Guide to January in Ottawa - SavvyMom

Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to January

The party’s over! It’s back to our regular(ish) routines. Our Savvy Guide to January in Ottawa is a little list of ideas to help make the most of this wintry month.