Lauren Wiggins, Moncton teen, takes stand against 'unjust' school dress code
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1.  This supposed distraction infraction
We cheered on the Moncton teenager who took a stand against her school’s dress code last week. Lauren Wiggins, 17, was given a detention for wearing a full-length halter dress that bared her shoulders and upper back on the basis that the outfit was ‘a sexual distraction.’ When she complained to the vice-principal, she was given a one-day suspension. We’re as tired as Wiggins with a culture that puts the onus on girls to prevent boys from finding them sexy. Why not teach our boys about appropriate behaviour toward girls and women? It’s up to us as parents, and to schools as well, to encourage both genders to focus on the job all students are called upon to do at school—and that’s to learn.

shoegate at Cannes

2. Shoegate at Cannes
Speaking of the stuff we wear, our jaws dropped at the news that women were being turned away from the red carpet at The Cannes Film Festival for—wait for it—wearing flats. Yep, apparently a number of middle-aged women were turned away from the premier on Sunday of the Todd Hayne’s film Carol—incidentally a lesbian romance—for failing to meet the festival’s arcane dress code, which specifies that that women must wear heels. For reals. Too bad for you if you’ve been walking around the festival for days and have sprouted a crop of strappy-sandal blisters from the blistering Mediterranean heat. Or if high heels are just not your style. Too sexy. Not sexy enough. We can’t win.

a man apologizes to the man he bullied 20 years ago

3. Bully apologizes 20 years later
In a surprising twist on the usual stories about bullying and its tragic consequences, we loved this piece on our sister site,, about a man whose daughter inspired him to apologize to the person he bullied two decades before. His 10-year-old was working on a school project about bullying when she asked her dad if he’d ever bullied anyone when he was a kid. The question prompted the man to find his former victim through Facebook and send him a note of apology. It’s a touching story that’s really worth the read.

4. A great blog post on the power of saying sorry
And while we’re on the topic of apologies, we really loved this post by Savvy Storyteller Alex Durrell. Alex writes frankly about how her own approach to blogging has changed with some sober second thought about where honesty crosses over into hurtful and combative territory. And she shares about a desire many of us share—to raise kids that are kind.

 Tracy Chappell

5. A friend to remember
We’d like to conclude this week’s post with an important tribute to a friend who passed away suddenly on Monday night. Tracy Chappell, a highly respected member of the parenting media and mommy blogging world, was a senior editor at Today’s Parent. She was a beloved colleague and friend to many, known for her sunny disposition and sensitive approach to important stories. Our hearts go out to her family, especially her husband and two young daughters, Avery and Anna. Many who never even met Tracy felt they knew her through the blog she wrote for nine years, starting with her first pregnancy. Tracy wrote candidly about motherhood in a way that made you feel like you were talking to a trusted friend, and while she was a glass half full kind of person, she wasn’t afraid to share her parenting struggles, either. Today that blog is home to this wonderful tribute post.  You can also follow the #shareyourhappy hashtag started by a friend of Tracy’s as a way of honouring this lovely woman’s positive outlook on life. So with Tracy in mind, please capture your happy moment and share it with the world as a small act of kindness to all those she’s left behind.

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Ed Keenan and mom bods
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A love letter to the post-partum body, an airline’s overreaction to a girl with autism, the gender gap in household chores and more. Here’s what got us talking at the Savvy office this week.

1. This dad’s tribute to the ‘Mom Bod’
You may have heard some of the buzz about the ‘dad bod.’ It’s a term first used to describe frat boys who are less-than-chiseled due to their prowess with keg stands and all-you-can-eat wing nights. But nevertheless, it’s been embraced by moms happy to admit they like their partner’s soft edges, largely because they’d feel more self-conscious about their own bodies if they were living with gym rats. So when Toronto Star columnist Ed Keenan answered that discussion with this lovely piece, In Praise of the Mom Bod, we all swooned a little. We’re even more charmed because Ed’s other half is Savvy Storyteller Rebecca Cuneo Keenan of Playground Confidential who shared her take on the dad bod in this post, The Real Reason I Dig a Dad Bod. They’re our kind of journalism power couple.

Girl with autism thrown off plane

2. The airline that kicked an autistic girl off a plane
Continuing the trend of airlines behaving badly, we were dismayed to hear of this incident on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Portland. Dr. Donna Beegle was on her way home from Disney World with her 17-year-old daughter, Juliette, who has autism. Juliette became upset, but not disruptively so, over the food options on the flight, despite her mother’s extensive preparation with a whole backpack of her daughter’s favourite snacks. Juliette prefers warm meals, and so her mother asked if she could purchase any warm food from business class. Eventually the flight attendant reluctantly brought her some rice, but also had the pilot divert the flight for an emergency landing. Seems like a huge overreaction and a missed opportunity to offer compassionate customer service to us.

are ontario parents mature enough for sex ed?

3. Great satire on the sex-ed debate
On a lighter note, we got a good chuckle out of this satire on the debate that’s been raging over the new sex-ed curriculum in Ontario. Perhaps it’s the parents who aren’t mature enough for sex education?

closing the gendered-chore gap

4. The gender gap in household chores
When it comes to housework, the picture has been steadily improving for women. We spend an hour and 45 minutes less on household chores per day than we did in the 1960s, and men have tripled the amount of housework they do. Sounds pretty good, right? But since women were doing virtually all the housework back then (our poor moms and grandmas!), even after tripling the amount men do, there’s still a big gap. A study from the University of Maryland found that, as of 2012, women still did 1.7 times as much daily housework than men.

Kevin O'Leary said somethig shocking about women…

5. Kevin O’Leary’s shout-out to women in business
But in better news for our gender, we were happy to see this ringing endorsement of female business leaders. Kevin O’Leary, of ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘Shark Tank’ fame, said the one category he recommends investing in these days is companies with female CEOs. He says companies run by women make up 55 per cent of his investment portfolio but account for 100 per cent of his earnings. He told Huffington Post Live that ‘There’s an old adage that says, if you want to get something done, give it to a busy mother,’ he said. ‘They’re so advanced at managing their time—raising a family, taking care of kids, and doing something else in addition to that, like running a business. So maybe it’s their ability to manage time that’s taking them ahead in running small cap, mid-cap businesses.’ Huzzah.

One last thing before we go, we just had to share this fresh new interpretation of the women’s bathroom sign. Fun, right?

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