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I’m back with my fave five this week, and I found some pretty fancy bracelets that work for you, spied my savvy business partner Sarah and one of our amazing savvy bloggers on TV, and watched a clever new ad. It’s been a good week.

Need help perfecting your selfie? This wearable drone wraps around your wrist and detaches when it’s time to take your perfect shot. Think of it as a flying GoPro, designed by developers who want to take those tough-to-take shots. Still in development, the camera that claims to take the perfect selfie just won a $50,000 grant from Intel’s Make it Wearable campaign. You could be wearing it on your wrist sooner than you think. 

Another hard working wristband caught my attention this week. Meet Pavlok—a wristband that acts as an alarm of sorts to remind you to do or not do something—whatever you program it to. So if you want to stop scrolling Facebook for hours during the day (as was the case of the Pavlok founder) you can program Pavlok to send a shock wave every time you are on Facebook. Yes, I said shock wave. Ask it to shock you every time it’s time to work out, stop eating donuts, etc. Shocking, really. 

A bit of shameless self-promotion is allowed on my blog, isn’t it? Especially if I’m bragging about my business partner, Sarah Morgenstern, who looked and sounded fab on Canada AM Tuesday morning talking about affordable toys for birthday parties. Check it out here for all kinds of savvy coming from Sarah. You can even enter our contest for a chance to win the great toys she is talking about.

Sarah Morgenstern

It’s not just the founders of SavvyMom you see on the TV screen these days, though. We have a bounty of amazing writers and blog contributors who are making a difference in their communities and the media is paying attention. I’m so proud that Krista Rowland-Collins is a member of our blog community (find her blog at She’s the mother of a very special child with Down syndrome and she has made it her mission to make the first few days and weeks for every child born with Down syndrome easier too. Watch more about her story here.

Finally, a very funny and clever ad for General Electric I thought was worth sharing. Jeff Goldblum is awesome in it. It’s clever, funny and it gets all the product information across at the same time without the product itself being the hero. It’s sheer entertainment—what every creative advertising agency aims to achieve. I’m sure you will see it on your Facebook feed very soon.

Have a good week!

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minnow's 5 things
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Who cried on Tuesday morning at school drop off? I for one have been doing the same cry for the last 15 years. I know it’s going to happen and it’s embarrassing but I keep going back for more every year—just like I keep watching this Canadian Tire video that brings me to tears every time I watch it.  It captures parents’ emotions about the first day of school so well—whether it’s preschool or university. You’ll love it too.

After you drop them off, all you want to hear about is their day. Who are your friends, what is the teacher like and my favourite…did you eat all your lunch? So you ask the universal question, ‘how was school today?’, only to receive the universal answer, ‘fine’.  Every.  Day.  To help you out of this rut, I’m sharing a Huffington Post Article called ‘28 Ways to Ask Your Teens ‘How Was School Today?’ Without Asking Them ‘How Was School Today?’. Good luck with that!

how was your day today ?

You also might be interested to know that over 50% of American students aren’t getting enough sleep. I read an article in the Atlantic about how important, but specifically, how difficult it is for adolescents to get enough sleep. The article brings attention to a movement led by doctors and educators who wish to start the school day later. According to this article, adolescents require at least 9.5 hours of sleep and the results of sleep deprivation can result in more serious outcomes than bad moods and bad grades—depression and anxiety being at the top of the list. This might not be relevant to parents of younger children but it is a strong warning to make sure you establish healthy and regular sleep routines while your children are young so they will continue as they get older.

kids dont get enough sleep

On a much lighter note, one of my favourite internet sensations, the Kid President, has an awesome message to teachers and students this year. It might be fun to watch with the kids.

And finally, on a more serious note…please, please Drive Safe in your neighbourhoods and talk to your kids about road safety every day. Put your phone away when you are walking with your kids and make them aware of all the signs and signals around them. In memory of a beautiful little girl who we lost this summer—Georgia Walsh Remembered—please Drive Safe to School.

Have a great week. And in the words of the awesome Kid President…get your learn on!

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