. Sport’s Great Ones Advocate for Variety in Your Kid’s Athletics
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Summer sports, surprising new products from Nike and lululemon, summer shortcuts we’re embracing and an Instagram takeover. That’s what got us talking this week.

1. Sport’s Great Ones Advocate for Variety in Kid’s Athletics
Attention, sport moms, we’ve come across a few different articles this week that have us mulling over the benefits of having our kids play more than one sport—as opposed to the same one all the time, no matter the season. We liked this article in USA Today, written just days before the World Cup women’s final, which noted that Abby Wambach, hailed by many as the greatest header of a ball in women’s soccer, learned her heading skills while playing basketball. Wambach says that as a tall child, when she played basketball it was always as power forward, where she learned the art of the rebound—timing your jump and learning about the trajectory of the ball off a rim—all things that would make her a heading powerhouse in her later soccer career. In fact, Wambach and her teammates collectively played more than14 different sports competitively (plus soccer) while growing up, and they all believe this helped, not hindered, their soccer careers through the development of different skills, muscles, and by preventing overuse injuries. If that wasn’t convincing enough, Wayne Gretzky has been quoted saying that one of the worst things to happen to hockey has been the increasing prevalence of year-round camps, in particular summer hockey. The Great One says that when he was young, all the best players mixed it up and played lacrosse avidly during the summer months, picking up new skills and moves. So, the secret to hockey superstardom is lacrosse, eh? Seems fitting to us, since lacrosse is officially the national summer sport of Canada!

Nike Partners With Disabled Teen to Create Easy-Entry Shoe

2. Nike Makes Good on a Promise
In other sporty news, we loved this piece in the Good News Network about a very cool shoe release from Nike. The sportswear giant was petitioned by 16-year-old Matthew Walzer in 2012 to create a shoe for people with limited flexibility. Matthew, who has cerebral palsy—and a passion for sports—asked Nike to make a shoe that he could put on and take off himself. His letter got their attention, and Nike has been working with Matthew on a lace-free prototype that slides easily on and off a foot ever since. The final product, released last week, is called the ‘Zoom Soldier 8 FLYEASE’, and features a wrap-around enclosure that opens at the back and includes the same ankle support as Lebron James’s line. Nike proudly outfitted both Matthew and two Special Olympics World Summer Games basketball teams with the new shoe. As Tobie Hatfield, a Nike senior designer put it, ‘when we say, ‘If you have a body, you are an athlete’, that means everybody.

lululemon makes beer now because why not

3. lululemon is Making Craft Beer Now
Things that are inevitable: death, taxes, and lululemon making headlines for absurd reasons. (See exhibits A, and B). Their latest nutty venture: craft beer. lulu will be producing a beer this summer, because, well, why not? Yogis like beer too. The beer, dubbed the ‘Curiosity Lager’, will be made by Vancouver’s Stanley Park Brewing company. The lager is a limited-edition run of only 88,000 cans—so don’t get too excited—and it will only be available at some stores in B.C., Alberta, and at the Sunset Festival, the after-party for lululemon’s half marathon in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. While we think following up a light yoga session with a glass of cold suds sounds positively relaxing, we can’t help but think the yoga-wear chain might be diversifying too much.

15 minute blueberry tarts

4. Cooking Shortcuts to Try This Summer
A shortcut, especially the dinner-making kind, is a beautiful thing. Thanks to the hot weather, we’ve been seeing more than usual crop up amongst our Savvy Storytellers and Savvy staffers. Julie from Dinner with Julie was invited to a last minute backyard gathering, and with fresh blueberries on hand but absolutely zero time to bake them into something, came up with these ingenious tarts, which, we kid you not, are done in 15 minutes. Our food editor Jan found herself in a similar pinch when she realized she would need a birthday cake STAT—and invented this lightning-fast brownie cake to save the day. In our on-going quest to turn on the oven as little as possible this summer, we shared these four no-cook recipes in our most recent issue of EatSavvy. We think these shortcuts, hacks, and time-savers are ingenious—we’re for anything that gives us more time to enjoy the dog days of summer.

Jan Scott, SavvyMom Food Editor

5. Speaking of Food…
Speaking of ingenious foodie friends, our resident food ninja and SavvyMom Food Editor Jan Scott will be taking over our Instagram account this Friday, July 31. We’ve handed over the reins, (er, login info) to our feed, and Jan will be ‘gramming away as she visits her Farmers’ Market, makes baby food, feeds her family, and records whatever else she gets up to that day. We can’t wait to see it. Make sure you’re following us on Instagram, and Jan, too.

Have a great week!

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Can Leslie Give Up Books? We Try the Kobo 7 Day Challenge
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I am a voracious reader. At least that’s what my mom always said. Summers would be filled with lazy days reading book after book, sometimes running out of ideas for what to read next. That’s when my mom would take me to the library and introduce me to ‘classics’ that she read when she was younger: Cheaper By the Dozen, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and The Secret Garden. These books, that I would never have picked up without her encouragement would expand my imagination, my vocabulary and my love of reading.

But what I love to read are books. Real, live books with a cover and pages that I can flip through. Books that have some weight to them and that I can carry under my arm.

So when Kobo approached SavvyMom to do their 7 Day Challenge, I was happy to step up to the plate. I never really considered buying an e-reader for a few reasons:

  • I am a library pro. I learned the ins and outs of my local library as a very young child and can proudly say that I usually have the latest bestseller in my hands before anyone else has even cracked the spine (ohh cracking the spine, another thing I love about books).
  • I don’t like to buy books. Since I am such a pro at the library system (I don’t mean to brag, but see point one above), I don’t ever buy books for myself. I read them too quickly and then what? They end up stacked around my house and I don’t like the clutter. The only exception is buying books for my kids because I know they will read them over, and over, and over.
  • I tried reading a book off my iPad once and really didn’t like it. I kept on reading the same sentence over and over and I got a bit of a headache from reading off the screen.

Enter the new Kobo Glo HD. It’s lighter than a hardcover book, has an incredible battery life (you can go up to two months without needing a charge) and can easily fit into my bag. However, the thing that really struck me is how easy it is to read. The Glo features a clear, 6” HD Carta E Ink touchscreen that is anti-glare and has a built-in adjustable ComfortLight.

kobo 7 day challenge

I wasn’t the only one impressed with the Kobo Glo. My twin daughters (who are voracious readers in-training), loved that we could download new books from the Kobo Store and that they could start reading right away. No waiting for the library to have a book in stock, or visiting the book store to pick something out.

kobo 7 day chllenge

We also learned that we can access our local library and ‘borrow’ e-books that can be loaded onto the Kobo. Now I have to figure out how to be an e-book pro too. Check out your library to see what their process is for borrowing e-books.

Our family put the Kobo Glo to the test on a recent camping trip. Our car was packed to the ceiling and we had very little room for anything extra. Our girls were allowed to bring two books each…and the Kobo Glo. We loaded it up with some new chapter books (they are both loving the Heidi Heckelbeck series) and away we went. Five hours later we arrived at our campsite after a really pleasant (and quiet) ride. Maddie and Riley took turns reading ‘real’ books and reading the Kobo Glo. We didn’t once hear an argument over who would get to read one of the real books they brought, but there was some discussion to make sure it was fair and that they were each getting equal time with the Kobo.

After my 7 Day Challenge I am not going to completely abandon reading ‘real’ books in favour of the Kobo Glo, but I am excited that I have a new way to experience a book. I love the idea that I could bring multiple books with me on a vacation without having to go over on my carry-on weight limit. I know my kids are excited that they have an entire bookstore at their fingertips. And anything that gets them excited about reading more is good with me.

The Kobo Glo HD retails for $129.99. For more information, please visit

Note: We don’t make any money from products or services we cover. Period. We write about the savvy stuff we love and that moms need to know about. Read our editorial policy here.

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