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Spring caught my attention this week. It was pretty hard not to get excited about its arrival after the winter we have all endured. I also noticed some interesting spring fashion launches, spring cleaning items, a Mother’s Day gift idea and a new way to get fit.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a new line of mommy and me dresses, designed by Victoria Beckham, was launched for Born Free, a charity that aims to decrease the transmission of HIV in Africa. I’m not the biggest fan of mothers and daughters dressing as twins (or of Posh, if the truth be told), but it’s a good cause and it’s nice to see celebs contributing in a positive way. The dresses are cute too. Read more on 29Secrets for where to buy.

Scarves are everywhere this spring, but the beautiful bright patterned ones we see now don’t need to keep us warm, they just need to look effortlessly cool. If you’re in a scarf rut and looking for a new way to twist and tie it, check out this video for inspiration. 

To kick off your spring cleaning, I like the new products just launched from Attitude, a line of eco-friendly solutions for families. What caught my eye was the new fragrance-free toy cleaner, because we all want to clean the winter germs off our toy collection. Don’t we?

attitude toy cleaner

For Mother’s Day, why not look to one of my favourite charities, the Children’s Aid Foundation and its Ignite the Spark Fund, which was created to provide opportunities for kids who face poverty, neglect and abuse daily. If you make a Mother’s Day donation this year on behalf of your mother, your money will help a child gain access to life-changing sports, arts and recreation programs for kids in foster care who would not normally have access to the programs we all take for granted. In return, The Children’s Aid Foundation will send your mother a card wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day and letting her know of the donation.  For more information or to donate, head to I think your mom would be very proud of you.

 the Children’s Aid Foundation and its Ignite the Spark Fund

On a lighter note, I received a press release about a new product that makes it sound like all you need is 10 minutes in the bathroom to get fit. It’s made of paper and it looks like a flower so they called it The Bathroom Begonia. You stick it on the mirror while you’re brushing your teeth and putting on make-up. It lists a number of moves for you to do as part of a mini fitness routine. If this actually works I’m pretty sure every single fitness club and gym in the world will go out of business. We might not need trainers or chiropractors because nobody will get injured from working out too much. Lululemon could go extinct. Think of the hours you have spent sweating in the gym, and all you needed was 10 minutes in the bathroom. I’m in.

The Fitness Flower Bathroom Begonia

Have a great week.

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Mother's Day Recordable Photo Cube
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Mother’s Day is what caught my attention this week. I have a few favourites for gift ideas as well as a blog post about being a mom, plus a humorous video with a message about what Rob Ford is teaching our kids.

For great Mother’s Day gifts, I love this frame because I’m into plexiglass frames right now. My own mom used to have them and I’m glad they’re back. The option of adding a recorded message is new and fabulous though.

To get you in the tear-jerking mood for mother’s day, watch this video. Now start looking for something nice (for yourself or your mom, or both).

I recently found and fell in love with a new line of skin care from Ste. Anne’s Spa, a beautiful and well regarded inn and spa in Ontario. They have developed their own line of skin care—Ste. Anne’s skin nourishment—which is now available online. My favourite is the Deep Hand Hydration. It has a very slight scent of lavender and isn’t greasy. Because the simple pleasure of applying luxurious hand cream for a harried mother with small children is a big deal.

Nobody knows that better than one of our Savvy Storytellers, Rebecca Keenan of Playground Confidential. Her post, ‘How to Stop Sounding Like a Douchebag Parent in 5 Easy Steps’ will make you laugh out loud…once you get past the colourful language. I hope all moms who read this will refrain from getting trapped into any unnecessary pressures of perfection this mother’s day.

How to Stop Sounding Like a Douchebag Parent in 5 easy steps

One last little bit I thought I would slip in…a great Google trick for measuring nutritional information when cooking and eating. Thanks to our Food Editor, Jan Scott for this.

Finally, I give you Rob Ford’s Words in the Mouth of a Child. Keep in mind that your kids are listening to him and learning some pretty crazy lessons about not taking accountability for one’s actions. Watch the video with them if you think they are old enough. It could raise some interesting conversation.

Have a good week.

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