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I suppose I always understood that all good things must come to an end, but it’s much different to agree with something in theory than to live it. I am living it now.

After close to ten years of building, growing and managing SavvyMom with one of my best friends, business partner and co-founder, Sarah Morgenstern, we are stepping away from the business and handing the reigns over to our trusted team and new owners.

I can’t help but think back to the fall of 2005 when we launched our first newsletter to all of our 50 subscribers. Incidentally, that first edition was written about Mabel’s Labels (big shout out here to Julie Cole and the amazing women behind that business), one of Canada’s great mompreneur success stories. We worked together in my cramped home office with no other team members than my black lab (affectionately nicknamed ‘Smelly Kelly’ by Sarah) who liked having her voice heard during important conference calls. Our team grew and we finally moved to our new offices on Bayview where we learned to put a lot of IKEA furniture together.

Fast forward to 2014 and it’s definitely an exciting time for SavvyMom Media now. We have grown into one of the largest and most influential digital mom magazines in Canada. We have a huge following of readers (that’s you!) to our newsletters, site visits, social following and blog network, and we’re grateful for the loyalty and trust you have shown us over the years. You refer us to all of your friends, you send us great ideas, you visit us at events, and you participate in contests and surveys. You tell us when you’re happy with our work—and when you aren’t. We fed off your input and adjusted while we grew to meet your needs. Everything we did, we did with our readers in mind because we understand that without your loyalty and trust we had nothing. Our readers are our lifeblood at SavvyMom and Sarah and I want to thank you for helping us create and build SavvyMom to what it is today.

You can look forward to lots of exciting new changes ahead—an updated brand, site redesign and new editions are all in the works. It’s going to be a great new chapter for SavvyMom and we hope you’ll enjoy every minute of it—and continue to provide feedback to ensure that the team stays on their toes.

So forget what I said about endings in the open of this post—it’s all about new beginnings.  We know you’ll love it—keep sharing SavvyMom with all your friends and as always, stay savvy!

Have a good week…


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the death of conversation
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Parents on cell phones, kids on cell phones…everyone on cell phones. That’s what caught my attention this week.

I’m certainly not the only one who is noticing people on cell phones everywhere. Writers and bloggers are documenting it for us. The irony is that we can appreciate how absurd we look when we view the images on our digital devices. If we ever looked up and around us, we might notice it ourselves. Here’s the blog post that caught my attention first.

Then I found this blog, dedicated entirely to images of parents on their cell phones—aptly called Parents on Phones. Keep scrolling down—it gets better and it’s actually pretty funny. I’m sure you’ll find some that you can identify with.

parents on phones

If you’re more concerned with running out of battery on your phone than having real human interaction, you might be interested in Ampy, a new device that literally charges your cell phone by harnessing your own kinetic energy. The catch is that you have to be moving (ie. running, walking, even dancing) in order for it to charge. Note that driving in a moving car does not count (even if the windows are open and the kids are getting fresh air that way). You literally have to get your butt in gear to get your phone charged. There is a beautiful, subtle irony in all of this—could it be progress?


To be clear, I’m as guilty as anyone of phone addiction, so I don’t wish to sound sanctimonious in any way. The Parents on Phones blog is hilarious because we can all relate to it. Personally, I keep telling my teenage kids that if they learn to put the phone down, look people in the eye, shake hands with purpose and communicate properly, they will be ahead of their generation. Then, when I start feeling old because I’m turning into that person who is so worried about the ‘next generation’, I remember the wine purse. And I’m happy again.

And on a much more serious note about cell phone use, it’s National Teen Driver Safety Week in Canada and I’m happy to help raise awareness of this issue. My eldest son is learning to drive right now so I care about his safety, but I care about the safety of others on the road now that he is driving! While young people only make up 13% of licensed drivers, they account for approximately one quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities. Most of these injuries are a result of distracted driving and could easily have been prevented. I encourage all drivers to protect themselves and their communities by pledging to #PracticeSafeText while they are driving. Remember: keep two hands on the wheel and two eyes on the road.

Look up this week. I hope you see some interesting things!

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