in loving memory of Georgia Walsh
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I don’t have five things to write about this week because there is one thing that has been on my mind that I can’t escape. That’s the memory of a beautiful and vivacious little girl named Georgia Walsh.

Most people may have heard about her tragic death last week in a traffic accident that has rocked our entire neighbourhood and city.

I am incapable of articulating my emotions because I can’t make sense of any of them. I cannot write about Georgia’s spirit because my words will never do her justice.

But I can share with you some observations and ways in which we can help—as I know this is what the community wants to do so badly.

Just three days before writing this a fundraising initiative was started on and already over $20,000 has been raised, with the goal being $30,000. Money raised will go back into the community—something permanent in the neighbourhood to honour Georgia’s memory. Anything raised beyond that will go to SickKids Hospital in Georgia’s name.

For those of you who have young children and are struggling with what to say to them, I found a helpful article on that addresses the very difficult topic of talking to your kids about death. It’s titled How to Talk to Your Preschooler about Death and buckets the information into two categories: a) what to expect at this age and b) how to explain death to them. I actually think the first part is the most enlightening because it will give you some insight into what is going on in their little minds and help you understand some of their reactions (or lack thereof). For older kids, this article might be helpful.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Walsh family.

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Minnow's 5 things
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So it’s Father’s Day this weekend—and I promise not to be cynical about catering to Dad’s every need for a day and smiling though it. I promise. Instead, I’ve found some great videos to share with you, more perspective on team snacks, water safety awareness and a serious Action Hero.

Unless you were living under a rock (or without power) this Christmas, you’ll remember the XMAS Jammies video by the Holderness family that went viral. Well, they’re back with a Father’s Day version that will make you smile. I hope he gets what he asked for this year.

We all know Dads are more and more involved than ever in the daily challenges and responsibilities of raising kids, and they should be celebrated as such. Good advertisers like Dove are recognizing this and creating tear jerkers that used to be reserved for moms. Have a tissue handy for this one.

Another viral sensation that caught my attention this week is this Action Movie Kid. I can’t figure out where he gets his superpowers, but I’m guessing there is a super dad behind it somewhere. Good genes?

Here’s a Dad question: what would happen if Dads were in charge of the team snack after pee wee sports events? Easy—there would be no snack. That’s why I think Dad’s should get behind the MARS movement (mother’s against rotating snacks) that I wrote about in my previous blog. This week one of our readers wrote in with this comment and it caught my attention enough to share with you:

‘I was on snacks last week for the first baseball practice of the season. I had my grapes, juice boxes and bear paws all organized and outta nowhere this grandmother jumps in front of me and starts handing out sections of a giant cookie! I was all ‘Oh No You DI-IN’t!’. Okay fine, I didn’t say it. But I was thinking it. Sign me up for MARS!’

On a more serious note, Safe Kids Week runs from June 7-14 and this year the focus is on water safety: Safe swimming, safe splashing, safe kids. To learn more about how to help prevent drownings, you can join their twitter party on June 12 at 7pm EST on #watersafety for kids. Learn more about the importance of keeping kids safe and help spread the word.

Kids Safe Week

Have a great week. Enjoy Father’s Day and be safe.



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