Ideas for a (Fun!) Low-Key Long Weekend with Kids

Tips for Low-Key Long Weekends with Kids - SavvyMom
Father playing with the kids in the yard.

Long weekends should mean a little r&r. A sleep in? A couple of lazy days? Is that even possible with on a long weekend with kids? A getaway would be ideal, but that’s not always possible. There’s always so much pressure to make long weekends extra fun.

So, are you stuck at home for the long weekend? Here are some ideas for May long weekend activities to actually enjoy your extra day off. Here’s how to make the most of a low-key long weekend with kids…

Fun Ideas for a Low-Key Long Weekend with Kids

Ice Cream Toronto

Go for Ice Cream

A family trip in the car to the local DQ or one of your city’s top ice cream shops (see Toronto‘s, Vancouver‘s, Calgary‘s, and Ottawa’s top ice cream shops) is a small enough outing to not break the bank but is a special family experience that doesn’t happen every day.

And this way, that secret stash in the freezer gets to remain just that… a secret just for you. And maybe your partner if you’re feeling generous.

Best Family Picnic Spots in Toronto

Pack a Picnic

Everybody’s getting tired of the same four walls, and who wants to wipe off the table for the trillionth time when it’s supposed to be a holiday? A family picnic, even just to your local park or playground, is a special meal out and a literal breath of fresh air. Our Ultimate Family Picnic Guide is super helpful if you want to go all out on the long weekend with kids. But, just toss a blanket in the car and grab some takeout and that’s a picnic, too.

Check out out lists of best parks and picnic spots in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa.


Family Movie Night Extravaganza

If you’ve got the outdoor space, make a small investment in tech and you’ve got the perfect replacement to crowded, expensive movie theatres. Who’s in a hurry to crowd themselves into a theatre anyway? And at home the seats are way comfier and there’s WAY better snacks if you really want to know…

Classic Backyard Summer Games - SPUD

Backyard Games & Outdoor Activities

Don’t scramble at the last minute or wait for the inevitable, “I’m bored!” Take inventory of your family board games and take a bit of time to learn a few more; maybe some card games for kids?

And in a perfect world, on a long weekend you’ll be spending the majority of your time outside. Brush up on these classic outdoor games to make sure you’re ready to compete with those competitive toddlers.

Takeout food Vancouver

No Cooking! Do Takeout

At the very least, treat yourselves to some of your favourite local takeout. A long weekend is supposed to be about fun and relaxation, and I don’t know many of us who would describe cooking all day and then cleaning up afterwards as fun and relaxing.

Tired of your usual family-friendly takeout joints? Check out our lists of great choices for takeout in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa.


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