Best Family Board Games for All Ages

Best Family Board Games

We’re moving into hibernation weather also known as winter. When families spend that much time indoors, it’s essential to have fun. Enter board games, the perfect way to connect. Even if you think your kids won’t be into family games night, with everything from potty humour to sequencing strategy, at least one of these will be a hit.

Where’s Bear?

Age: 2+

$17.99 | Available at

Think your toddler can’t play a board game? Where’s Bear is about to change that. It combines two activities: stacking blocks and finding a hidden bear. It’s the perfect start to teaching your kids about taking turns and having fun. It will soon have Where’s Bear turning into There’s Bear!

Don’t Step In It

Age: 5+

$18.67 | Available at Walmart

Don’t Step In It involves a large game mat, fake poop and a blindfold. But don’t be fooled by the potty humour, this game also involves poop moving tactics. Can you avoid the number twos to be number one?

Pictionary Air

Age 8+

$24.99 | Available at Toys R Us

Pictionary but without the pen and paper? Yes, please! Pictionary Air is a cross between Pictionary, charades, and the Matrix. Instead of a pad of paper, family members use augmented reality technology to sketch in the air and interact with sketches they can’t see.

Feed The Woozle

Ages 3 – 6

$35 | Available at Amazon

What’s best about this game is that it has three levels so it grows with your child. Level 1 is simply roll and feed the Woozle his silly snacks. Level 2 adds in a movement like walking or doing a hula dance while you’re trying to feed your hungry friend. Level 3 takes it up a notch by doing Level 1 or 2 with your eyes closed. Who knew chocolate-covered flies could be so much fun?

Not Parent Approved: A Card Game for Kids, Families and Mischief Makers

Age 8+

$34.99 | Available at

For all the parents who love Cards Against Humanity, this is the same thing but 100% family-friendly. Instead of politics and profanity, think gassy unicorns and booger juice. Did we mention the game starts off with a burping contest? Kids love it because they feel a bit naughty. Parents love it because it’s a fun game to play.

Yeti in My Spaghetti

Age 4+

$40 | Available at

You need to use your noodle for this game. Place the Yeti across a bowl full of noodles then each player takes turns pulling the noodles one by one. Whoever makes the Yeti fall, loses. But you’ll be a winner because this is a game your kids can play on their own.


Age 7+

$24.95 | Available at Indigo

Play a card from your hand, place a chip on the corresponding game board space and when you have five in a row, it’s a sequence. But be careful. You’ll spend so much time developing your own sequences, you won’t see the ones the other players are building. Part luck, part strategy, pure fun.


Age 3+

$12 | Available at

Sometimes it’s good to stick with the classics and Candyland is one of those childhood rites of passage. What’s great is that it’s set up for the youngest in the family, but this game will take you down a magical road of sweet surprises no matter what age you are.


Age 14+

$19.88 | Available at Best Buy

If you have an older child in the house, board games might get you an eye roll. But not this one. Turn your teen into one of the spymasters and even though the game can be played in 15 minutes or less, you’ll end up playing all afternoon.


Age 7+

$29.49 | Available at

This game gets a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon for a reason. It takes less than a minute to learn and is one part strategy, one part frustration. The person who fits the most pieces on the board wins. Simple, yet more difficult than you think.


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  1. Shannon on October 9, 2019 at 8:45 am

    Also highly recommended from a board-game-geek family: My First Stone Age, Race to the Treasure, Save the Princess, Guess Who, Ticket To Ride, Hiss. All these we’ve played from ages 5 or 6 and up.

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