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4 Ways to Burn off the Sugar and Get Kids Active This Halloween
Active for Life

If you’ve got little ones at home, a fun alternative to trick-or-treating is a Halloween party. You... more

4 Active Games to Keep Them Moving on Halloween
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If you’ve got little ones at home, a fun alternative to trick-or-treating is a Halloween party. You don’t have to worry about the weather, too-spooky scares, and buckets and buckets of sugar. You can still make the night a memorable and festive affair with fun games, snacks, and of course, some activities that get them up, moving, and burning off some of that energy. Here are some of our favourite ways to get goblins up and moving.

Monster freeze dance
Put on ‘Monster Mash’ and other seasonal tunes. Have kids show off their silliest monster dance moves, but they must freeze in place when the tunes turn off!

Pumpkin bowling
Choose smallish pumpkins with short stems (depending on the ages of your party guests). Set up 1- or 2-liter plastic bottles and tape off a starting line for an instant bowling alley. Fill the bottles with a bit of sand or rice if they topple over too easily. You can also have kids decorate the bottles with stickers, markers, and other art materials.

Musical pumpkins
Cut pumpkin shapes from construction paper and arrange them on the floor; kids must move from pumpkin to pumpkin while music plays, just like in musical chairs. To keep kids from being excluded, allow them to share pumpkins as you remove a pumpkin for each round. By the end of the game, all the kids have to squeeze onto one spot. For variety, you could also use spider webs, tombstones, or witchy cauldrons for targets.

Wiggle worm
This goofy race requires kids to work together (and stick together) as a team. Divide the group into two equal teams. Teams must line up and form a ‘worm’. The person at the front of the line reaches his left hand between his legs; the player behind him grabs it with her right hand; and so on all the way to the end of the line. When you say ‘Go’ (or ‘Boo!’), each team must run to a goal line and back. Whichever team gets back first is the winner—but only if their worm is still intact!

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Active for Life is a leading promoter of children’s physical literacy to help parents raise active and healthy kids. In response to increased rates of child obesity and sedentary behaviour, Active for Life was formed in 2011 to give parents the tools to help their children develop skills and habits for lifelong physical activity. At the core of the initiative is the idea that every child deserves to be physically literate. Active for Life is a social enterprise of B2ten, a Canadian organization formed to promote sport and athlete development in Canada. For more information, visit Active for Life.
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5 Easy Fall Fashions Anyone Can Wear
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Fall fashions are some of the most anticipated of the year. And although runway fashions can often feel intimating and unwearable, there are some styles that translate well to our everyday lives. These five uber wearable fall fashion picks will not only work well in your on-the-run Mommy lifestyle, but also help you feel stylishly ‘with it’!

1. Great Big Scarves

It doesn’t get much better (or cozier) than a great big scarf! This year, try to find a scarf that resembles a blanket and wrap it high around your face. This style is especially good if you have a long neck.

2. A Dress with Sneakers

Although it may take some effort to figure out which dress and sneakers work well together, once you do, this could become your most-stylish-easiest-to-walk-around-town outfit. The easiest combination is a jersey dress and a pair of converse. This is an especially great choice for sporty women who want a little elegance, or any woman who spends her days chasing after young kids.

3. Monochromatic Grey

So easy, and so elegant. Grab all the different grey tones in your closet and wear them together. This look has an approachable, soft feel and can be oh-so-feminine.

4. Patterned Coat

Anything with a pattern gets a big ‘Mommy seal of approval’ from me because stains don’t show as easily! To make the most of this trend, choose a pattern you gravitate to—and the ‘safe choice’ is not an option here! Treat this coat like a wearable piece of artwork and you’ll look like a million bucks.

5. Ankle Boots

You’ll see these everywhere this season and they’re so easy to integrate into your current wardrobe. Wear them with opaque tights and a dress (or skirt) or with a pair of rolled jeans for a hip and ‘with it’ look.

The key here is to remember to take these ‘trends’ and make them your own. Only buy new pieces that you fall in love with and integrate easily with your current wardrobe. When you go with your gut and only buy what you love, you’ll be able to wear these styles for years to come, not just this season.

If you’d liked these ultra wearable fall fashion ideas, you might want to steal these 11 casual fall outfits, too.

Wendy Woods is a Personal Style Coach at THE REFINERY. She is fiercely committed to time-starved women who want an effortless sense of style. Her down-to-earth method allows women to feel accepted and understood while creating a personal style that makes them look and feel beautiful.
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