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A seasoned reporter with a passion for uncovering stories about entertainment, food, and the people behind them. With 14 years of experience in the industry, she knows how to weave compelling narratives that keep her readers hooked. When she's not busy filing her latest scoop, she can be found baking. These days, she's balancing her work with the joys of motherhood as she handles her toddler.

Introducing Global Cuisines to Kids - SavvyMom

Introducing Global Cuisines to Kids

By Anjali Shetty / March 5, 2023

Introducing global cuisines to kids to will help expand their taste buds and help teach them about the diversity of cultures and traditions around the world.

Easy & Fun Valentine's Recipes for Kids - SavvyMom

Easy & Fun Valentine’s Recipes for Kids

By Anjali Shetty / February 9, 2023

Get the kids in the kitchen and put them to work with these easy and fun Valentine’s recipes for kids.