Erin Pepler


Erin Pepler is a freelance writer, mom, and reluctant suburbanite living outside of Toronto, Ontario. She is usually drinking a coffee, or thinking about getting one. Erin is prone to terrible language, though not in front of her kids, and yes, she has an opinion on that thing you’re talking about. She loves music, books, art, design, cooking, travel, and sleeping more than four hours at a time (a rarity). You can find her at or on Instagram @erinpepler, where she documents her passion for motherhood and caffeine.

How to talk to kids about dying - SavvyMom

I Can Talk to My Kids About Death. But How Do We Talk About Dying?

By Erin Pepler / December 10, 2023

Most of us have experienced the loss of a loved one. Sometimes, more than our fair share. As parents, we must navigate this difficult path and talk about dying.

Just Say No to Halloween Cultural Appropriation - SavvyMom

Another Person’s Culture Is Not Your Halloween Costume

By Erin Pepler / October 12, 2023

“Celebrating” love for a character or culture by dressing as a caricature of it is not honouring anyone. Halloween cultural appropriation is hurtful.

I'm the Hot Mess Mom in the School Yard - SavvyMom

I’m That Hot Mess Mom in the School Yard

By Erin Pepler / September 1, 2023

School has just started and it’s already happening. Hi, I’m that hot mess mom.

8 Reasons to Love Baby Wipes - SavvyMom

8 Ways Baby Wipes Are Magical Long After Your Kids Are out of Diapers

By Erin Pepler / August 7, 2023

As a mom of two school-agers, baby wipes should be deep in my past, like coconut rum and bad boyfriends. I shouldn’t want or need them, yet, they’re in my car right now.

The Invisible Workload of Motherhood - SavvyMom

The Invisible Workload of Motherhood Is Killing Me

By Erin Pepler / July 5, 2023

It’s the things we do for our families that are necessary but go completely unnoticed. The endless list of small tasks that would only ever draw attention if they didn’t happen.

Is It Even Worth It to Work?

By Erin Pepler / June 24, 2023

I was speaking to a family member about the cost of summer camp when she dropped a bomb. “Is it even worth it for you to work?”

This Is What Mom Brain Actually Looks Like - SavvyMom

What Mom Brain Actually Looks Like

By Erin Pepler / February 28, 2023

I remember my brain pre-kids. It was big and beautiful and it remembered facts and dates like nobody’s business.

Are Your Family Bank Accounts Safe - SavvyMom

Are Your Family Bank Accounts Safe?

By Erin Pepler / February 21, 2023

But as well-practiced as we may be at budgeting, saving, and paying our bills, we may not know whether or not the money in our family bank accounts is protected in the event of a bank failure.

How to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet Like a Pro - SavvyMom

How to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet Like a Pro

By Erin Pepler / December 12, 2022

When your child isn’t feeling great, you’ll be glad you thought ahead and fully stocked your medicine cabinet. Here’s a list of products that are conveniently available over-the-counter.

Cheering on Team Canada is About More Than Winning Gold

By Erin Pepler / February 1, 2022

It’s time to cheer on Team Canada with your family—here’s how to get started and why this simple act can have a big impact on Canadian athletes.